December 31, 2009

Government sliding on its GO MS 91

As per the article in Sakshi (Telugu News Paper) GoAP now wants to dilute the GO MS 91 & make the schools charging less than Rs 12000 per annum out of DFRC purview. Those schools need not submit any records to increase fee within the limit of Rs 12000. This can be viewed as

1. Reduce the number of schools & allow DFRC to focus on schools charging high fees & give proper attention
2. Give free hand to schools now charging less & allow them go till Rs 12,000

What an atrocious act that could make school education beyond a normal middle class family ? Are we going back to ice age & the world of land lords where only the rich affords education & create the rest as slaves class ?

Time for parents to act & ensure education becomes affordable & or make sure government provides quality education through its schools.


December 27, 2009

Updates to members

- Important communication emailed to all members email IDs available with us.
- Request all members of DPS, Secunderabad to update us with their email ID & Mobile numbers. Email us your contacts to
- A poll has been created in our yahoo groups. Please participate & finalise on action next.
- Parents across schools can joined HSPA group on linked in

Few press clippings on similar activities across the country ..

December 23, 2009

Important update for the members

1. Due to recent political announcements, school has declared holiday tomorrow. Parents please make a note of this & pass on to your contacts.

2. Legal opinion (on the fee circular issued by the school) is likely to be available to us tomorrow & the update will be passed on by all means of communications. You may hold on for update from us.

3. The proposed GBM mayn't happen due to section 144 being declared in Hyderabad.

December 22, 2009

The mad rush has started !!!

Who to blame it on ?

Circular on payment of 3rd term fee + Annual fee

The day of reckoning has come & today the school has sent challans & circular on payment of 3rd term fee & annual fee. Few points to be noted here
1. Its good to note that DPS accepting the GO MS 91, unlike many other schools. After all whether its parents or school management we trust & respect & go as to what is right.
2. School is demanding to pay up the 3rd terms fee as per last year. After all we all agreed to pay 2nd term fee in similar grounds & hope we shouldn't have any questions on this now.
3. School also asked us to pay up the due annual fee, we need to have a legal opinion on this. However good part is the school is charging us only last years annual fee & not the hiked fee.
4. Activity & lab fee are being charged, this is a debatable addition ?
Anway, good or bad, we need to have collective decision & we propose to have our General Body Meeting on 27th December. The venue & time will be notified in next 1-2days time & request all the members to come for the meeting without fail. Please inform this to all the parents that you're in touch & we need this to be attended by every single member & many more new members.

December 19, 2009

Government wants to act against schools starting 21st December
This article which has come in Sakshi (Telugu News paper), which talks about government of APs seriousness in implementing the GO MS 91 in the schools in & around Hyderabad/Secunderabad. As per the article only one school (of about 1800plus schools) approached DFRC till now !!

The article refers to Victoria Devakumari, Hyderabad District Education Officer, who wants to do checks on various schools on various aspects as listed in the GO.

Get ready to pay more school fees

Now its Bangalore's turn to take up !!!
When would government open up & give some respite to Parents of this country ? Many countries provide basic education to children almost free & that too quality one's. So sad to note that India is trying to showcase the world that our age old education system is no match to them interms of new generation money power controlled system.

Wake up parents, only you can make this country & society a better place to live in. After all we owe this to our future generations ...

Schools ignore rules, sell forms for Rs 2,000

Government of AP has come out with the GO MS 91 in August 2009 & the world is yet to follow ?
Looks like every activity & every individual has their say ....

Struggle is on !!!

December 16, 2009

Hyderabad Schools Parents Association (HSPA)


HSPA is now available on You may try to catch up many parents across schools in Hyderabad online in one of the most popular professional networking site. Join us @

Happy networking & sharing of thoughts & ideas that could change the life of many parents from across schools in Hyderabad.

November 29, 2009

School closed tomorrow

Information from reliable sources confirmed that the DPS Secunderabad will be closed tomorrow (08.12.2009) due to some disturbances expected due to political party's call.

All parents are requested to note this.

November 12, 2009

This also happens, mind you !!!

Chirec School management has gone to the court stating that the GO MS 91 cannot be made applicable to them because their parents have not protested and have no complaints against the rise in fee structure.

The court has given an interim direction that it is directed that the respondent (GoAP) shall not take any action against the petitioner (Chirec) as long as the enhanced fee is paid by the parents of the students, on their own accord.

This order means that if parents protest then the school has to collect last year fee and abide by the GO.

Track the order @

Wake up call or some bell ringing sounds in the belly ???

November 09, 2009

GO MS91 implementation struggle is still on !

Nice article written in parents favour in a telugu newspaper Andhra Jyothy ( today, in their Hyderabad district edition, with inputs from HSPA.

October 24, 2009

Important notice to DPaS members

It has come to our notice that some Parent managed to pick up photos of untidy toilets & threatened the school administration that he/she will go to media & hand over the photographs.

DPaS condemns such blackmail acts & request that parent to resist from doing any such act in future. You may all note that school has accepted & done enough to ensure the required are as required. Lets be patient enough as school management & administration have assured that in case of any shortfall, they'll positively look into the same. Lets have faith & trust in each other, for we're in holy alliance & DPaS - always been saying, from day one, that we're here to work with school & not against.

Parents, trust & faith in each other will only take us on to the right path & for longer periods. Lets try & achieve excellence & not aim at instant results.

October 23, 2009

School responded positively on Parents concerns

Thanks to those thirty plus parents who managed to spare one hour from their busy schedule, to be at school to meet the school administration on the two concerns we had, today morning.

Good news is that, the forward looking administration of the school has already taken action on the concerns raised
- mosquito coils were procured & pest control will be done now twice a weeks to ensure children are in protected environment while in school
- toilets will now be cleaned more frequently & soaps are being provided

It maybe noted that the school administration has promised to do what all of us feel is good for everyone on the above. However as parents we need to ensure the following requests from school are complied with for better management of the above
- since school has indian type toilets, lets all teach our children as to how they're used & flushed. It is found most children who normally use flush, get shyed away to pour water before & after use, which inturn is causing the stink
- ensure you child carries a napkin &/or handkerchief for better hygiene
- teach your child the need & use of soap sparingly. this ensures cut wastage of the soap being provided

We sincerely do hope we ensure & re-iterate that our children are educated on the above, which we hope will bring in a vast difference in coming months. DPaS thanks the school management & administration for accepting our concerns & for taking action very quickly.

October 20, 2009

How long do we take this ?

DPaS from the time of inception had only one goal to help management, teachers & administration the school provide better environment, academics, extra curricular activities & over all development of the children studying in the school, that would help India in years to come.

Today, after repeated requests to school, we still have few basics amenities for the children to be set right.

1. We find the toilets in in such a pathetic condition that many children today avoid using them & in turn ending up getting urinary related infections or stop/reduce water intake.
- Do they really need to do this, when we as parents are paying such huge amounts as fees year on year ? or does school dis-owns the responsibility of providing clean toilets with basic requirements like regular cleaning, availability of running water or soap etc?

2. Mosquito bites have increased & in last many months, in spite of requests, no major action has been taken by school & today the effect being, many children have fallen sick with high temperatures.
- A school of DPS stature can't afford basic pest control & provide classrooms which are free from such aliens?

We as concerned parents feel the above needs to be addressed on top priority by school management without any further delay. After all why does the society give DPS Secunderabad a step brother treatment compared to Hyderabad campus ? We're paying the same fee (maybe yes, 2K less annual fee) as them with almost 50% of facilities.

Parents, are you still waiting for heavens to come & protect our children from these?
How long can we take this ?

October 12, 2009

HSPA meet held on 11th October, 2009

Thanks to those 100plus parents who spared their personal time on Sunday & met up for 2hrs to share their experiences, views, thoughts & forward visions on how to save this society from the greedy school managements, trying to deprive quality school education out of middle class parents today.

1. Most parents agreed that the very reason they're supporting this movement is not because they can't afford the hike today, but to make sure they help the thousands of other parents, today who have already moved their children to different schools as they couldn't afford to pay the hiked up fees.
2. Many even agreed that the time being spent for this cause, they can very well earn more than required to pay the hiked up fees, but how about those other unfortunate parents who can't still manage ?
3. Please be aware that HSPA or DPaS is a group of professionals & businessmen who are spending their valuable time for a better society & not for some recognition or for any commercial/political interests. Just to make our bit of effort for better tomorrow & better society in India.
4. When almost all schools are run by a trusts, at is the motive behind charging thousands of rupees & adding almost no additional facilities in the school campus ?
- Can't we expect a decently maintained toilets with soaps for children in schools, which are charging thousands of rupees as fees? That too in the swine flu era ?
- Can't we expect hygienic conditions in the schools, with regular pest control in place?
- Can't we expect a decent playground ?
- Can't we expect school administration treat parents as partners in their success & treat them with respect than threaten them ?
- Why only few parents get best treatment & not others ? Are all parents not paying same amount as fees ?
- Don't we expect proper communication from schools via SMS, Email etc, when the whole world is automated ?

Think over parents, what you demand is what you get. If you feel the active parents are doing that for their vested interest or they don't have any other work, you're mistaken & you're in deepest of the cover you can expect in life. After all remember, we're here to repay our debt to future generation & not to enjoy what the past generation gave us.

Wake up, unite & pass this message all over & do you bit for the future society.
You don't have theluxury of time, yesterday is gone, you don't know what is tomorrow for you. Its only today that we have with us, what can be done, can be done today only.

October 04, 2009

Nature's fury - Man made ?

No matter what its is & who's at fault, today millions of people stand homeless, dreams shattered & hanging on for life to survive in the banks of river Krishna, Tungabhadra etc. Man made wonders Srisailam & Nagarjunasagar dams stand to hold the breath of the nature to protect its millions of human beings, unfortunately many died in this fury.

DPaS deeply mourns of this natures fury.

September 24, 2009

School re-opens on 5th October, 2009

As per the schools website ( the school re-opens on 5th October, 2009 instead of 29th September, 2009. Parents please make a note of this.

September 23, 2009

Citizen opinion on GO MS No. 1, Education (PS 2) Dated 01-01-1994

Please find below the press note released by GoAP, inviting citizens to voice their opinion on various rules that should be mandated to better the educations system in AP. Time for all of us individual send our concerns in terms of suggestions. What more can you expect from the Government. Friends now the onus is on us to take the societal responsibility on our shoulders & provide the valuable suggestions & hope for the best. FYI press note is given below & you may download the complete document from GoAP site as detailed.

Press Note

Citizen opinion on
GO MS No. 1, Education (PS 2) Dated 01-01-1994
(Andhra Pradesh Educational Institute (Establishment, Recognition, Administration, and Control of schools under Private Management - Rules, 1993)

Government vide GO MS No. 1, dated 01-01-1994, as amended from time to time, have issued rules detailing process for granting permission, recognition and management of Private schools. There is general feeling that these rules needs modification to simplify process, minimize entry barriers and make it more citizen friendly. Use of Information technology should also be explored for making process convenient, transparent and accountable.

Hence now, feedback/suggestion/opinion is requested from citizens on GO MS 1, dated 01-01-1994 as amended from time to time. Citizens are requested, to the extent possible, to give their opinion on each and every section (Clause) of the GO. Copy of GO amended up to 17-08-2009 is placed at home page under caption ‘What is new’.

Citizens can send their views in writing to Commissioner & Director School Education Hyderabad through post or through email at

We encourage citizen to use email mode for simplicity and convenience.

Last date for sending feedback is September 30, 2009.

Suresh Chanda
Secretary, Secondary Education
3rd Floor, J Block, AP SecretariatHyderabad.

September 17, 2009

Tomorrows program called off !!!

Regret to inform you all, that the planned program for tomorrow is being called off due to different view & perspective by the school management. As we've been informing from day one, Parents are for cordial & open relationship with school administration & management & would not indulge in activities that would effect any of us.

We thank those hundreds of parents who came forward (communicated with us as of now & others who have planned to meet tomorrow) for this & looking forward for the same gesture & involvement in our future programs. In short the response has been overwhelming.

September 15, 2009

The Joy of giving !!!

Coming in next few days are our Ramzan-Dasara festive season. This is the time we can multiply our joy by sharing with those unfortunate or the dear one's with whatever we can.

As you all know most of the times our kids in the schools are taken care by Ayyamma's - those lovely ladies, share their love to the kids through the day, when in need.

We had few discussions & came up with an idea of sharing some gifts to those ladies on 18th September, when school normally does some activity for them. As parents (voluntary & at your will) can come forward & do your little bit by either or/and contributing say small amount of Rs 100 / share a saree (that you may no longer use & should be a new one, excuse us for not accepting used one's). Just look it as a good will gesture to them & by no means is mandated on any of you.

You may reach Aruna @ 9949600091 or Ravi @ 9346215678 for more details. You may also email us @ or

September 13, 2009

Whats missing ?

We do hope the parents have paid the second term fee of their wards as per the challans issued reflecting that of last year fee, as the note from school along with the challan said - as per GO MS91.

Now, some where something is missing @ DPaS ???
You read it right ... due to various reasons the except for Hygienic activity we somehow lost our larger goal ... not to say that each of us has dropped it off but its in silos meaning in individual minds. Need of the hour is to get these back on larger gathering. Take take this further, we have 2 ideas that has come forward from various parents who are in constant touch ..

1. The festival season is starting in couple of weeks from now. Can we look at a contribution from DPaS in terms of what ever each of you feel, to be donated to Ayyamma's who are taking care of those little one's through their school time ? Remember they're the lowest paid & we look at them in the hour of need & why not a thank you note to them ? Off course it'll go through only if the school administration has no objection to it.

2. General body meeting : Forgotten for sometime now, has to be revived. When & where suggestions are most welcomed.

3. DPaS believes in do that little extra bit for society ... what can you do now?

September 03, 2009

May God give YSR eternal rest &may his soul rest in peace!

As most of you would have been aware by now, that this state has lost one of his most dynamic leaders in Air crash yesterday. DPS Parents Association, Secunderabad (DPaS), under the banner of Hyderabad Schools Parents Association (HSPA) condemns this unfortunate incident and pays homage to this great leader.
Late Sri. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy was very supportive of our movement since the day it had reached to his notice. It was his constant support which ensured that the Fee Regulatory Committee presented their report in record 10 calendar days and the same was released in the form of an amended GO within a month. Ministers Sr. Danam Nagender - Minister for Health, Sri D. Manikya Vara Prasada Rao - Minister for Education, Several government officials like Sri. Suresh Chander, IAS - Secretary to Govt (SE), Smt.Poonam Malakondaiah, IAS - Director & Commissioner, Department of School Education, Sri Navin Mittal, IAS - Collector of Hyderabad, Mr Luv Agarwal, IAS - Commissioner, Intermediate Education; were all supporting the plight of parents in AP state and were providing all support to HSPA members under Dr. YSR’s leadership.

All the parents in AP will always remain grateful to him….
We pray to God that his soul rests in peace.

September 02, 2009

Congratulations !!!

Whether its the parents or management, DPS Secunderabad & Hyderabad shows the way & leads. The circular & challans sent by the school shows this once again.
- Thanks to those 700 plus parents who are active & those of you who supported from behind in every step we took
- Thanks to the school management for accepting our demand, even if its a stop gap .
- Big thanks to Hyderabad School Parents Association (HSPA) for ensuring everything went right at the political system & not to forget we're (DPaS) founding members & the main backbone.

Today DPS Hyderabad & Secunderabad becomes the first major school in the Greater Hyderabad to accept the Govt of APs GO No 91 & amendments.

Many of us wondered what can we do ? - pull out the kids from the school or just pay up what the management demanded ?????
Go, tell those who wondered & questioned, now with pride that you did it ....

August 21, 2009

Support required from Doctors


We all know that the entire country is worried too much on Swine Flu today. Today its beyond questioning as to whether its epidemic or not but our intentions should be to prevent this spreading across, in the environment that we can control to our extent meaning lets do our bit of effort & leave the rest.

As you all know DPaS has been formed with the only intention of contributing to what will help the parents & the school, we now want to help the school management our bit of support. We very well know that our school management & teachers are doing everything possible to ensure this doesn't happen in the school, however many parents kept on raising this our our curiosity or what ever.

Now the request is for the Medical Doctors in our association to come forward & share their expertise with school on top most priority. In this regards, we request those parents who are practising medical doctors to come forward & join us help the school authorities in helping all of us.

Send in your contact details to

August 20, 2009

Schools yet to seek approval on fee hike

Hyderabad Aug. 19: Though the order regulating the fee structure in private schools was issued almost two weeks ago, none of the schools has approached the government so far to seek approval for their revised fee, which was hiked in the range of 40 per cent to 100 per cent this year.This has annoyed the government and it has asked parents to lodge complaints with the district education officers if school managements insist on payment of the hiked fee. The government order stipulates that the schools must collect the fee amount, which existed last year until the revised fee gets government approval. The government also mandated that the six-member governing council, proposed to be set up at each school to decide upon its fee structure, must have two members representing parents.As per the provisions of the GO that was issued on August 6, private schools must submit their proposals on fee hike through governing councils to the district fee regulatory committees (DFRCs) and seek approval. “None of the schools has approached DFRCs seeking approval for their revised fee structure so far. Parents should demand that the managements convene the meetings of governing councils immediately to decide on the rate of hike and to submit them to DFRCs for approval. Parents should not pay the fee that the schools insist on,” said Mr Suresh Chanda, secretary, department of secondary education.He said the government will initiate action against schools which insist on payment of hiked fee without approval from DFRCs.“Parents should bring to the notice of DEOs the schools that force them to pay the hiked fee. We will take action as per the penal provisions specified in the GO,” Mr Chanda said.

August 17, 2009

School closed tomorrow

Due to heavy rains in Hyderabad, DPS Secunderabad declared holiday tomorrow ie 18.08.2009. Tuesday test will be conducted on another day.

August 11, 2009

Swine Flu (H1N1) in India

We're trying to create a group from our parents, who would volunteer to make sure our school doesn't fall prey to this recent epidemic kind of situation. Doctors are most welcomed to volunteer for this noble cause.

Reach us @ Thank you for your support.

Parents Contacts

- Are you getting regular updates via email ?
- Are you getting regular updates via SMSs ?

No, Please update your contacts (email ID & Mobile number) to Or if your contacts have changed in the recent past, please update us, to keep you updated on various activities that we carry out on regular basis. We value your association.

August 08, 2009

Schools can hike fee only with Govt consent: SC

NEW DELHI: In a major victory for parents resisting `arbitrary' fee hikes by private unaided schools in the capital and a partial relief for the schools, the Supreme Court on Friday allowed school managements to increase fee but only with prior approval of Delhi government's Director of Education.
By leashing the school fee structure, which has seen massive increase in the recent past, to DoE's consent at the commencement of an academic year, the apex court said it wanted to protect parents from being fleeced in the name of capitation charges by greedy managements.
The schools, however, got a small friendly clarification in the judgment which said that if more than one private unaided school was under a single management, then surplus funds of school could be transferred to another. However, this also came with a big rider - the money cannot not be transferred to the parent society and that the funds were to be utilized only for the purpose of education.
A bench comprising Justices S B Sinha, S H Kapadia and Cyriac Joseph gave separate judgments on the issue. But, the majority judgment flowed from Justices Kapadia and Joseph, both of whom decided to dismiss a batch of petitions from schools seeking a review of SC's 2004 judgment.
In another significant order aimed at putting a lid of profiteering by schools, the judgment said, ``Every recognized unaided school covered by the (Delhi School Education) Act shall maintain accounts on the principles of accounting applicable to non-business/not-for-profit organisations.''
By permitting transfer of surplus funds from a school to its sister concern, the SC did take care of a long-standing grievance of the schools that a ban on shifting extra money had severely hindered establishment of new schools and upgrading infrastructure.
It also said that the fees could be increased undwer the mechanism provided in the Delhi School Education Act, 1973 and the relevant rules on increase in salaries of teachers and staff as well as infrastructure improvements, but such enhanced fee structure could only be implemented with prior approval from DoE.
The court also reiterated its earlier direction which stated that ``each school is required to file a statement of fees every year before the ensuing academic session under Section 17(3) of the Act with DoE''.
``The school shall not increase tuition fee without prior sanction from the Directorate of Education, Delhi Administration, and shall follow provisions of Delhi School Education Act/Rules, 1973 and other instructions issued from time to time,'' the court said.
In its 2004 judgment, the court had taken a serious objection to the manner in which schools were being used as a front for profiteering by managements and the societies. By dismissing the review petitions and issuing a clarification, the code applicable for the schools is as follows:
- The DoE can regulate fee in accordance with Section 17(3) of the Delhi School Education Act, 1973 and Delhi School Education Rules, 1973
- The funds of the school can be transferred to sister concerns under the same management only for the purpose of educational activities
- The schools which have obtained land from the government at concessional rates, subject to the condition of giving freeships to poor children, are bound to adhere to the land lease condition.

August 07, 2009

Double whammy for Parents in AP

After the good news from AP State Government, now its the highest judicial authority in the country coming to the rescue of the Parents of school going children across the country !!!

New Delhi: In a major decision, the Supreme Court on Friday ruled that private unaided schools do not have the right to hike fees charged from students.
Hearing a review petition filed by the Action Committee for Unaided Private Schools seeking reconsideration of a 2004 apex court verdict, in which the SC had upheld the Director Education’s authority to take a final decision in fee hikes being implemented by schools on the ground of implementing pay commission recommendations for teachers, the SC today said only the government can regulate private school fees. The unaided private schools need to take the permission of the Director Education before hiking fees, the court said in its judgement.
While filing the review petition, the unaided private schools’ action committee had said that the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations required the schools to pay teachers higher salary.
The committee had also argued in the review petition that the 2004 judgment was contrary to provisions of the Delhi School Education Act.
Today’s SC verdict is a major victory for parents of school children who have been opposing private schools’ move to hike fees periodically.
The SC in its 2004 verdict had also endorsed the Director Education’s move to put a freeze on the fee structure and halt transfer of funds from schools to the parent society.


Today is not just another day for every single parent of school going children in AP
- A big thanks to our CM Dr. YSR for making this happen in such a short time
- A big thanks to Sri Danam Nagender for all the support through the tough times & moral support to the parents all through & supporting CM, Education Minister, Fee Regulatory Committee Members & the entire Education Department for making this happen
- To those parents who braved the summer aggression & stood by & ensure this happens, comes what maybe
- To our media friends, who also braved the summer heat & stood by us & spreading the word across, which help us achieve this today
- To those silent parents supporting from behind, maybe today you can proudly come out & say I supported & made this happen

This is not the end, but just a humble beginning for a better society for tomorrow.

Few media reports

Schools asked to retain old fees

HyderabadAug. 6: The state government issued orders on Thursday evening restructuring fee in private schools. For the time being, schools have been asked to collect the fee fixed in the previous academic year until the District Fee Regulatory Committee (DFRC) approves the revised fee for this year.
As per the order, private schools should only collect only a one-time fee that includes application fee amounting to Rs 100 and registration fee not exceeding Rs 500. They can also collect a refundable caution deposit not exceeding Rs 5,000 which has to be duly approved by the DFRC. No other fee by any name whatsoever shall be charged as a one-time measure.
The tuition fee shall be fixed based on the salaries paid to the teachers and staff, retirement benefits, running expenditure, infrastructure and facilities available. It shall be collected in not less than three instalments Fee linked to non-academic activities will be optional for students and shall not be part of the tuition fee Sale of books, notebooks and stationery at school counter, if any, shall be made at a discount. Otherwise, the school should notify at least three shops where text books, note books, stationery are available.
The order also states that students should not be compelled to purchase uniforms from the school. Further, the transportation fee shall be fixed with a slab of 5 km.
Though the five-member committee appointed by the government to restructure fee in private schools submitted its report on July 3, the government failed to issue orders so far. However, with protests from students and parents increasing, it issued orders on Thursday. Further, they have also been advised against issuing advertisements about their results and using names such as IIT Olympiad/ Concept/ e-Techno/ e-shastra and the like. If schools collect more than the fee approved by the DFRC, it shall be treated as capitation fee and management shall be liable for action. The recognition granted to the school and NOC issued shall be withdrawn after giving due notice.
The school shall submit statements along with proposed fee structure to DFRC before the September 30 for approval. The fee structure approved by the DFRC shall be valid for three academic years but managements may increase fee every year based on the inflation rate. However, DFRC also reserves the right to review its decision.

Collecting capitation fee? Pay penalty

BANGALORE: Here is a shocker for schools that fatten themselves at the cost of students. Collecting capitation fee? Then pay 10 times the amount collected from parents as penalty.
With the passage of the Right to Education Bill 2009, the government is all set to tighten admission norms, a move bound to come as a boon to lakhs of parents who end up paying hefty donations for their children's admission.
``Once the Centre issues the notification, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights which is the monitoring authority to implement the Bill in toto will look into all the complaints,'' sources told TOI.
There is further trouble for schools if they are found conducting interviews in the name of interaction before admitting the children. This will attract a fine ranging from Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000.
The Bill, which was passed by the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, needs presidential assent and will then go before the HRD ministry for final notification.
Though many state education Acts have banned donations, they have largely remained on paper. Year after year, many schools collect huge capitation fee in the guise of development fund and parents have no choice but to pay up or opt out.
School principals told TOI that they do not charge capitation fee or donation. However, some admitted that they charged hefty fees so they could repay loans invested on the school's development. ``It's expensive to get land in Bangalore. Schools have to invest more if they want to provide quality besides providing adequate infrastructure. How will they get the money back if they don't charge capitation fee,'' asked the principal of a reputed school, on condition of anonymity.
He added: ``Suppose we give admission without taking capitation fee and later request the parents to contribute, then no one will volunteer. Hence, a few schools charge at the time of admission.''
At Bangalore's Bishop Cotton Girls' School, the payment is as per the fee structure. ``We charge infrastructure and development fee but that is only a one-time contribution at the time of admission,'' said principal Princess Franklyn.
But National Public School (NPS) group of institutions don't charge capitation fee. ``For the last 50 years, we have not taken any capitation fee,'' K P Gopalkrishna, chairman of NPS group of institutions, said.
Schools maintained that they do not have any screening procedure for parents/guardians or children. For instance, at Bishop Cotton, at the time of admission, parents apply, then applications are categorized, students are shortlisted and finally parents informed. ``Only at the last stage do we meet the parents,'' Princess Franklyn said.
Some schools maintain that interviews help them filter the applicants as they have a few seats.
With the Centre stating that the cost of ensuring education to all children will be shared between the Centre and states, implementation of the RTE will cost the state exchequer heavily. Principal secretary R G Nadadur told TOI that details of sharing the finances would be known only after the rules were framed.
``Sharing can be done through either new programmes or even existing ones. For instance, for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, the present sharing ratio is 60:40 (Centre: state). For the mid-day meal scheme, it is 70:30,'' he said.

August 05, 2009

Parliament passes landmark Right to Education Bill
NEW DELHI: Children would get the fundamental right to free and compulsory education with the passage of a bill, hailed as "historic", by Parliament on Tuesday.
The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Bill, 2008, seeks to provide education to children aged between 6 to 14 years.
The Bill, one of the flagship programmes in the 100-day agenda of the UPA government, also earmarks 25 per cent seats to weaker sections in private schools.
While the Rajya Sabha okayed the bill earlier, the Lok Sabha putting its seal of approval on Tuesday, with HRD minister Kapil Sibal describing it as "harbinger of a new era" for children to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
He said the bill is a "historic opportunity" for providing better future to children of the country as there was never such a landmark legislation in the last 62 years since independence.
"We as a nation cannot afford our children not going to schools," he asserted, noting that the measure details the obligations of the Centre and the states for providing free and compulsory education to children.

August 04, 2009

Schools granted stay on fee implementation
Noida, Aug 3 (PTI) The High Court has granted interim stay on implementation of hiked fee structure, which allowed each school to decide its fee norms.
District inspector of schools (DIOS) Jyoti Prasad said a single judge bench of Justice Dilip Gupta has granted interim stay on implementation of government order to eight schools.
The case was posted to August 10 for further hearing.
He said the process of grading of schools was on as common fee structure for all schools was not justified. The copy of Saturday's HC order was received today.
Schools which obtained stay are Bal Bharati Public School, Vishwa Bharati Public School, Delhi Public School's Noida and Greater Noida branches, Khaitan International School, Amity International School, Lotus Valley and Rameesh School, Prasad said.

August 01, 2009

Now, private schools under CAG scanner
NEW DELHI: If it was tough for you to figure out those hidden charges under the guise of charges for development, building, swimming pool and library in your child's school fee bill, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) will now demystify it for you.
On Friday, CAG said it has decided to audit accounts of unaided private schools of Delhi. The parents in Delhi who took to the streets after the recent steep fee hike by schools in the name of Sixth Pay Commission are sure to rejoice over the CAG decision. The powerful private school lobby in the Capital is, however, bound to resist it.
This year accounts of only 25 schools will be taken up for review and in the next round more schools will be subjected to the audit which will be cyclical in nature.
The audit will look into land use by schools, examine their fee structure and also ascertain if they cater to poor children or not as prescribed by Delhi School Education Act, 1973.
The decision, CAG said, has been taken under the provisions of Delhi School Education Act, 1973, and the Delhi High Court order in Delhi Abhibhawak Mahasangh vs Union of India case.
Delhi HC had said that "inspection of schools, audit of accounts and compliance with provisions of the Act and rules by private recognised unaided schools could have prevented the present state of affairs. The tution fee cannot be fixed to recover capital expenditure to be incurred on the properties of the society.''
Apart from the HC order, CAG cited provisions of Delhi School Education Act and said the law mandates it to audit accounts. DSEA says the managing committee of every recognised private school shall file audited financial and other returns with the director. The rules under DSEA Act also make it compulsory for schools to maintain accounts of fees and contributions collected by it as per government rules. Another rule says the accounts can be audited by auditors authorised by the director and also by officers authorised by the CAG.
Delhi HC had in its order said the question of commercialisation of education and exploitation of parents by individual schools could be authoritatively determined on thorough examination of the accounts and other records of each school.

July 20, 2009

Whats happening @ DPaS

1. At this moment DPaS team is engaged along with few other associations in strengthening HSPA activities to ensure the Fee Regulatory Committee recommendation's turn up into a GO, so as to have a moral win over the unjustified fee hikes by schools across AP.

2. The court case is still as is where is & we're trying to get a hearing on this keep moving, at last this needs to come to a logical conclusion, as mind we have our 2nd term fee fast catching up in a week or so .....

3. Response for adding new members has been pathetic (no mincing of words) & be assured as warned earlier, should the legal battle gets in our favor only a small fraction of the school of 1800+ are tend to get benefited. This will be a failure for DPaS team inspite of a win, which we're unable to digest & request parents to come in numbers & get yourself registered. Leave a message with details on & we'll get back to you, to complete registration.

4. Whats happening to the volunteers for the planned sub committees to ensure we contribute to our schools development ? Had confirmations from less than 20 people & is this all we have for a justifiable cause ?

Think over parents, this is for each & every child of yours & is not a few, as things happen in closed environment everywhere ... lets give the best to every single child in this school ....

July 13, 2009

HSPA car campaign email

Communication to parents who's email IDs either bounced or mis spelled.


You would’ve seen clippings in some of the Telugu TV channels on Saturday evening & sometime on Sunday as well on the Car Poster Rally by HSPA. This was done just to keep up the momentum going in the general public & unfortunately due to non-availability of permission to gather large numbers on a Saturday evening @ necklace road has forced us to have little over 20 cars gathering for media to take up this cause for us. Anyways, now friends its your turn to keep this rolling.

HSPA (Hyderabad Schools Parents' Association) has been taking various initiatives to raise voice against the Unjustified Fee Hikes in Private Schools; all these initiatives have been supported by all parents. Now, in continuation to spread the message we now bring you a novel idea ‘THE HSPA CAR CAMPAIGN’. This campaign has been launched on 11th July, 2009 evening by organizing a rally at Necklace Road.

What is this campaign about?
HSPA has created posters with four messages; these posters are attached to this email in pdf (acrobat reader) format, for jpg images visit title 'The HSPA Car Campaign'. You are now expected to download & take a print of any of these posters in B&W or Color depending on your convenience and paste it up on the Rear/Front glass of your car. Rear glass will give better visibility while you drive around.

How will this help?
It would immediately give visibility on the streets wherever we travel. Concerned parents would get to know that there are many more parents who are a part of this movement and the e-mail id can help us bring more parents together. Apart from parents, this will be seen by the Government bodies too and so would reinforce our message that we want a just answer.

What are the other benefits?
Not all parents can participate all the time. Circumstances sometimes constraint the participation even when one wishes to. We have had many mails expressing regret that they could not participate for the rally or for the meet. This simple poster stuck on the car can help every parent to raise their voices against the unjustified fee hike while moving in the car. This will be the first of its kind of campaign and so will bring great visibility. Every parent can now participate.

What else can be done?
Every parent can also contribute to this activity by sending these posters to as many parents that they would know of and encouraging them to put up the poster on their cars. This will increase participation and multiply the message in terms of reach.

Now, is the time for every parent to express his participation, all that is required is to take a print of the posters attached and paste it on their car. You do care for it right? Whoz stopping you for your right to express - hurry up & show it up.

Do your bit, take the print and paste it on your car now!

Thanks and Regards,
General Secretary
DPS Parents Association, Secunderabad (DPaS)
– Where social commitment matters.

A leading member of Hyderabad Schools Parents Association (HSPA)

PS: Safety while driving is important, please do not stick the poster is such fashion that it restricts your sight while driving. Ideally poster can go on the left top corner of the front glass from the inside and a second one on the rear glass.

July 10, 2009

Car Poster being launched by HSPA

HSPA invites all parents to join the "Car Poster" launch on
11th July, 2009 @ 05.00PM
@ the Necklace Road Railway Station (facing necklace road)

News thats in favour of Parents

Todays Sakshi telugu news paper, carried out this news, where in its says the report submitted by Fee regulatory committee supports Parents cause & is being fined tuned before it may become law.

July 09, 2009

NDTV : Andhra Parents protest hike in school fees

Parents are on the warpath against school managements in Andhra Pradesh. This after there was an unprecedented hike in fees in several schools. The government has stepped in to regulate, but will it work?
The outcome will be keenly watched by parents and schools across the country as it could set a precedent where parents are ultimately able to have a voice that's heard by schools.
It is a double blow for parents like Nivedita. At this time of pay cuts and job losses, schools in Andhra Pradesh have hiked fees this academic year from anywhere between 15 per cent to even 100 per cent. For the first time, parents have come together to stand up and speak out.
"In each family there will be three kids going to school. Where will we get the money in these times of recession? How can we pay 60 to 70 thousand rupees for each child?'' asked a worried Nivedita.
Schools say quality comes at a price.
"Cost of all items like training aids, infrastructure and salaries has gone up. There are DA hikes of 12 per cent every year and therefore there is a recurring hike in the expenditure,'' said Captain Alokesh Sen (Retd), Prinicipal, Hyderabad Public School.
The government has stepped in and formed a five-member fee regulation committee. The panel is probing irregularities committed by school managements.
"Fee of a school should basically take care of the maintenance cost and probably a little developmental cost. It cannot be a situation where a school wants to set up a new school in one year and it wants to collect the entire developmental cost of the new school from the students in one year,'' said Navin Mittal, Collector, Hyderabad.
Schools should not become mere teaching shops. So the government wants to dictate what fee a school can charge. But the irony is that after promising the right to education, the government has not been able to get its act together to ensure quality in its own schools, pushing more and more children into the private sector.

Understanding of Fee Regulatory Committee report by HSPA

DPaS is the founding member of Hyderabad Schools’ Parents Association (HSPA) which is working almost round the clock on the aspect of irrational fee hikes by various schools across twin cities. Today HSPA has support of parents from over 20 plus schools like Meridian, DPS, Princess Esin, Glendale, Chirec, CAL, Niraj, Sunflower etc to name a few.

This communication is intended to clarify & clear all doubts that most parents from across schools raised during various forums including the confusion created by media. This is a summary of general understanding of HSPA members after various meetings with authorities concerned with this report (political & bureaucratic) in last few days. This is intended for information to the members only & not for general circulation & we at the most can clarify on what has been written & doesn’t necessarily be an exact replica of the report submitted (which at present is not for public circulation) to the Government of AP.

Excerpts of the Recommendation:
The expert Fee Regulatory Committee, headed by Luv Agarwal, Commissioner for Intermediate/ Collegiate Education, Navin Mittal, Hyderabad Collector, B Mallamma, Joint Secretary (Education), N Ramana Rao, Additional Secretary (law) and Narayana Reddy, Principal of a corporate school; have given the following recommendations with respect to the fee that can be charged by private schools across Andhra Pradesh:

1. Private School fee has been divided into three basic parts as:
a) One time fee (registration, admission, security caution deposit)
b) Annual recurring academic/ tuition fee and
c) Optional annual user fee.

2. One time Fee: The committee noted that several schools were collecting an amounts ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 30,000 just for the admission application form. The committee said that since this is only administrative task the application cost should be less than Rs 100. Admission fee should not be more than Rs 500, as this entail only minor administrative cost. Schools should not collect a caution deposit of more than Rs 5,000 and it has to be refundable, the committee added.

3. Annually recurring academic/ tuition fee: No private schools in the state should be allowed to collect more than Rs 24,000 per annum for students up to Class V and Rs 30,000 per annum for students from Class VI to XII. These are upper ceilings and a specific fee for a school is applicable based on the infrastructure, facilities, education pattern, experience of teachers and more importantly the income/expenditure statement etc. The fee depending on these parameters can be anywhere between Rs 2,000/- - Rs 30,000/- per annum. This should be also read in conjunction with point 11, 13, 14 where School governing Council and PTA has lot of control to see a regulated fee hike, if necessary.

4. All cost heads like excursion, sport, activities, computer etc should be a part of this academic / tuition fee. Seeing the accounts of even several hi-end corporate schools, the committee found out that even in most expensive schools, the genuine monthly education expenses are not more than Rs 1000 – Rs 1600 per month per child. School should also consider all future growth, expansion plan and add all such related capital expenditures as a part of school annual operating cost. These developmental costs can’t be more than 15% of the overall school operating cost for basic education and should be a part of the above mentioned tuition fee.

5. This fee should be collected in phases/ terms.

6. In rural areas, this upper ceiling of tuition fee has been fixed at Rs 15,000 per annum for all classes I-XII.

7. Optional Annual User fee: To be collected in phases/ terms, this includes fee for heads like transport, food, books, uniform and hostel. They are kept outside of the upper ceiling for Annual tuition fee. They are expected to be provided by all schools, however they are termed as a “user” fee, as the student/ parents can use these services, if they find suitable/ logical. These services should be optional and should operate at no-profit basis.

8. For all books and Stationary, school should publish the address details of 3 shops, where these are available openly and competitively for parents’ comfort. School can arrange to have a counter for sell of books and stationery's in the school campus, only if they are being sold at a discount on the MRP. Same applies for Uniform.

9. The User fee would be decided based on usage i.e. transportation fee should be charged based on the distance between the house & school and not by the management’s whims and fancies.

10. Fee revision Process: The Annually recurring academic/ tuition fee structure can be revised only once in 3 years.

11. Schools should also give official fee receipts in the name of the school only.

12. Governance Structure: The panel recommended Constitution of district-level fee regulatory committees. If the school management wants to increase the fee, it will have to seek the approval of this fee regulatory authority with collector, joint collector, DEO, a senior finance resource (who can audit school balance sheets) and other officials as members.

13. The committee has reiterated that as defined in existing GO – MS1, there should be a Governing council in every school that includes representatives from parents, teachers and management. As already defined in existing GO– MS1, an active Parent Teacher Association (PTA) should be constituted for every school and it should be consulted on the fee hike as a first step. PTA should review and discuss hiked fee based on income and expense statement. The fee hike proposed can’t be hiked more than the increase in Consumer Price Index as inflation can still be negative, while the CPI may be positive. Even considering CPI, this increase can’t be more than 15% over previous fee, on a maximum side.

14. Optional Annual user fee structure also needs to follow the review with PTA and School Governing council and a need based increase based on income and expense statement.

15. Based on PTA’s positive acceptance, the Governing council, as mentioned above, should approach the district fee regulatory authority with all the accounts on income and expenditure based on which district fee regulatory authority should approve the hike. Once approved, this fee will remain applicable for 3 years and can’t be changed in any circumstances.

16. If PTA does not agree with the recommended level of hike (as the income and expense statement may not support the necessary hike), then the PTA can raise the complaint with the district-level fee regulatory committee in this context.

17. Aggrieved parents are also entitled to approach the fee regulatory committee, if they have any grievances pertaining to fees.

18. Time-table: The Governing councils should approach the fee regulatory authority by September and a decision will be taken by the authority by December every year. The hiked fee will come into force during the next academic year. For an example, the Governing councils should approach the district fee regulatory authority by September 2009 and a decision should be taken by the district fee regulatory authority by December 2009. The hiked fee will come into force during the next academic year April 2010 till March 2011 and will remain applicable till March 2013. In Sept 2012, the School Governing Council can start the process again, if a hike is needed.

19. Enforcement: In case of district fee regulatory committee finds any anomaly in implementing these suggestions, the affiliation of school can be terminated. In case of CBSE/ IGCSE affiliated school, the NOC issued by District Education department can be withheld.

20. Applicability of these recommendations in current year’s context: The expert panel recommended that the fee prescribed for the last academic year (2008-09) would stand good for this year (2009-10). All private schools should roll back the hiked fee for this year. In case parents have already paid the hiked fee, the extra amount will have to be adjusted in the coming academic year.

21. General: Schools will have do away with names such as “concept schools”, “techno schools” etc. They should be named as primary, upper primary, high schools and public schools.

All these recommendations are in tune with the AP Regulation of Education and Prohibition of Capitation Fee Act 1983. If the government accepts the recommendations which are based on Section 15 read with Section 37 of the AP Educational Institutions Regulation of Admission and Prohibition of Capitation Fee, 1983, the private schools will have to implement it.

July 07, 2009

HSPA meeting with CM

HSPA meeting with Dr YS Rajshekar Reddy & Sri Danam Nagender covered in todays Sakshi news paper.

July 06, 2009

Thanks a Million from HSPA

Hyderabad Schools Parents Association (HSPA) thanks to those 250plus parents who turned up this morning to meet our Hon'ble Chief Minister at his Camp Office to insist on him to accept the Fee Regulatory Committee recommendations immediately with out delay nor any change in the present format.

We also thank Sri Danam Nagender, Health Minister, Govt of AP who has made this possible & has been supporting parents from various sections for quite sometime.

As most of you know today being the first day of the week & 8am happens to clash the work & school timings, it has been very tough on our part also to accept such a challenge & trust us, all of you made us wrong by coming in huge numbers, keeping aside other works for couple of hours, just to make sure we're there for the societal cause. We know how difficult it could be for those ladies, who turned up in large numbers & made definite impact on the authorities concerned.

This is the way of life & we've almost reached & the last few meters is always tough & only you can make the difference now. If, the committee recommendations get implemented as it is, we're sure its a historic win for each & every parent in this state & for the government as well lead by Dr. YS Rajashekar Reddy. Such strong recommendations are coming up for the first time by any committee on this subject, in any state.

Lets raise to the occasion, when required now onwards .... Together we can do it.
DPaS is the founder member of HSPA, which today is supported by over 20 plus schools & is growing.

July 05, 2009

Open invitation to Parents in AP from HSPA

Meeting with Chief Minister - 6th July (Mon), 8 AM: Roll back hiked School fee, recommends Fee Regulatory Committee appointed by State Government.
The efforts of HSPA & various School Parent Associations have started showing positive results in last 6-8 weeks. In far-reaching recommendations that could rationalize school fee, the five-member Fee Regulatory Committee, appointed by the state government, has said in a significant development that a member of Parent-Teachers Association should be inducted into the Governing board of each educational institution, which will fix the fee.

We have summarized these recommendations below. Cheers to all parents who had faith and provided their support to HSPA Core committee members. We must remember that it’s a significant milestone, but this is still a set of recommendations to the state government and hence to get this implemented on priority, we have fixed a meet with the Chief Minister Sri Y S Rajasekhar Reddy to:
1. Thank him for ensuring quick delivery of report
2. Urge him for speedy and efficient implementation of these recommendations at AP state level

Date: Monday, July 6th 2009 at 8.00 am (assemble by 7.45am)
Venue: Chief Minister's Camp Office, Next to Walden Book Shop, Opposite ITC Grand Kakatiya, Greenlands - Somajiguda Road, Hyderabad.

We need to gather in large numbers & showcase to CM that this issue is critical to all of us and hence every parent is expected to come forward and participate in this meet. Till now whatever positives have come out is totally due to the commitment and hard work of few individuals. Now that the movement is reaching towards a critical stage, we would request the parents to come out and support.. “Its important to all of us”… not just to few of us… Please gather parents from your school tomorrow and show solidarity….

For Hyderabad Schools Parent Association (HSPA)
An association for Hyderabad parents, who are committed to bring some change in the society!! Are you doing your bit??

Can you do your bit by informing atleast 5 parents from your mobile’s contact list and confirm back to us that they will join tomorrow and that they have registered with their school Parent Association??

In far-reaching recommendations that could rationalize school fee, the five-member Fee Regulatory Committee appointed by the state government has said in a significant development that is likely to bring cheer to beleaguered parents, the expert committee on school fee regulation has suggested that a member of Parent-Teachers Association should be inducted into the governing board of each educational institution, which will fix the fee. This recommendation forms part of a 14-page report submitted by a five-member expert committee constituted last month by the government to study school fee structure in private educational institutions.
The expert Fee Regulatory Committee, headed by commissioner for Intermediate/ collegiate education Luv Agarwal, Hyderabad collector Navin Mittal, joint secretary (education) B Mallamma, additional secretary (law) N Ramana Rao and a corporate school principal Narayana Reddy; said that:
- No private schools in the state should be allowed to collect more than Rs 24,000 per annum for students up to Class V and Rs 30,000 per annum for students from Class VI to X. These are upper ceilings.
- In rural areas, it has ruled for a uniform fee of Rs 15,000 per annum from classes I-XII. However, the user fee (which includes transport, food, books, uniform and hostel) has been excluded from this limit.
- The fee structure should be revised only once in 3 years. Schools should also give official fee receipts. - The fee was categorised into three basic units of registration fee, tuition fee and user fee. While the registration fee will be a one-time fee, the tuition fee hike cannot be more than 15 per cent of previous year.
- The expert panel recommended that the fee prescribed for the last academic year (2008-09) would stand good for this year (2009-10). All private schools should roll back the hiked fee for this year. In case parents have already paid the hiked fee, the extra amount will have to be adjusted in the coming academic year.
- Schools will have do away with names such as “concept schools”, “techno schools” etc. They should be named as primary, upper primary, high schools and public schools.
- The panel also recommended constitution of district-level fee regulatory committees. If the school management wants to increase the fee, it will have to seek the approval of this fee regulatory authority with collector, joint collector, DEO and other officials as members.
- The committee has reiterated that as per existing GO – MS1, there should be a governing council in every school that includes representatives from parents, teachers and management. A Parent Teacher Association (PTA) should be set up and it should be consulted on the fee hike as a first step. Based on PTA’s decision, the governing council should approach the fee regulatory authority with all the accounts on income and expenditure based on which it will approve the hike.
- The governing councils should approach the fee regulatory authority by September and a decision will be taken by the authority by December every year. The hiked fee will come into force during the next academic year.
- The committee noted that several schools were collecting an amounts ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 30,000 just for the admission application form. The committee said the application cost should be less than Rs 100.
- Schools should not collect a caution deposit of more than Rs 5,000 and it has to be refundable, the committee added.
- Aggrieved parents are entitled to approach the fee regulatory committee, if they have any grievances pertaining to fees.
- The overhead costs such as transportation would be decided based on the distance and not by the management’s whims and fancies.

All these recommendations are in tune with the AP Regulation of Education and Prohibition of Capitation Fee Act 1983. If the government accepts the recommendations which are based on Section 15 read with Section 37 of the AP Educational Institutions Regulation of Admission and Prohibition of Capitation Fee, 1983, the private schools will have to implement it.

Meeting with CM

Parents from across the schools in AP are requested to gather in large numbers to meet our Chief Minister & show our solidarity & impress upon him to make sure the committee recommendations are implemented immediately with out any dilution.

Meeting will be at
CMs camp office (next to Pulla Reddy sweets & Walden) @ 8 AM on 6th July, 2009.

Your presence will make huge difference & you can be assured on being part of this historic win against the erring managements, who wanted to commercialise the required fundamental right to have children educated.

Lets spread, gather & make this a success.

July 04, 2009

Re-schedule of the meeting with CM


Due to unforeseen circumstances the proposed meeting with CM for 5th July is now postponed to
6th July, 2009 (Monday) @ 8am in CM Camp Office
(next to Pulla Reddy Sweets & Walden in Somajiguda)

I know how difficult it is for all of us to make it on a monday morning leaving the official & personal priorities, but meeting our CM & getting our issues to logical resolution is more important than any other issue that may pull us down today.

Think over, what can, sparing 2 hours on one day from your busy schedule, can do for you & the society ??? Please spread this message to all your contacts & request all parents from across the schools to gather in large numbers on monday morning to start a fresh lease of life.

Committee recomends for Parents in AP

  • You stood by braving the hot summer sun for days together like nomads ?
  • You stood by the core team working for you, in every step forward.
  • You said we're fighting not against an individual but for creating a better society in this nation.
  • You only wanted what is the best & value for money to your child & the future of this country.
Never mind what every one felt, we stood, braved & showed the world what we can all together can do. The committee formed by the AP State Government had given recommendations, which came open in the press stood almost close to what we wanted. Congratulations to all Parents for making this moral boosting win & remember the fight is much bigger now as we inch closer to the real win.
For those of you who missed it, below are the links for various news papers in English & Telugu which carried the news in Prime pages today.

Now the way to win - Only you can do it now.
Please gather in large numbers tomorrow ie
5th July, 2009 @ CMs Camp Office at 8AM
(near Pulla Reddy Sweets, Greenlands, Somajiguda)
Who knows this may be the last chance for us to make this report into a G.O & mind this is for all schools in the state & any school parent is invited ... spread, gather & come without any excuse.