August 20, 2009

Schools yet to seek approval on fee hike

Hyderabad Aug. 19: Though the order regulating the fee structure in private schools was issued almost two weeks ago, none of the schools has approached the government so far to seek approval for their revised fee, which was hiked in the range of 40 per cent to 100 per cent this year.This has annoyed the government and it has asked parents to lodge complaints with the district education officers if school managements insist on payment of the hiked fee. The government order stipulates that the schools must collect the fee amount, which existed last year until the revised fee gets government approval. The government also mandated that the six-member governing council, proposed to be set up at each school to decide upon its fee structure, must have two members representing parents.As per the provisions of the GO that was issued on August 6, private schools must submit their proposals on fee hike through governing councils to the district fee regulatory committees (DFRCs) and seek approval. “None of the schools has approached DFRCs seeking approval for their revised fee structure so far. Parents should demand that the managements convene the meetings of governing councils immediately to decide on the rate of hike and to submit them to DFRCs for approval. Parents should not pay the fee that the schools insist on,” said Mr Suresh Chanda, secretary, department of secondary education.He said the government will initiate action against schools which insist on payment of hiked fee without approval from DFRCs.“Parents should bring to the notice of DEOs the schools that force them to pay the hiked fee. We will take action as per the penal provisions specified in the GO,” Mr Chanda said.