October 24, 2009

Important notice to DPaS members

It has come to our notice that some Parent managed to pick up photos of untidy toilets & threatened the school administration that he/she will go to media & hand over the photographs.

DPaS condemns such blackmail acts & request that parent to resist from doing any such act in future. You may all note that school has accepted & done enough to ensure the required are as required. Lets be patient enough as school management & administration have assured that in case of any shortfall, they'll positively look into the same. Lets have faith & trust in each other, for we're in holy alliance & DPaS - always been saying, from day one, that we're here to work with school & not against.

Parents, trust & faith in each other will only take us on to the right path & for longer periods. Lets try & achieve excellence & not aim at instant results.

October 23, 2009

School responded positively on Parents concerns

Thanks to those thirty plus parents who managed to spare one hour from their busy schedule, to be at school to meet the school administration on the two concerns we had, today morning.

Good news is that, the forward looking administration of the school has already taken action on the concerns raised
- mosquito coils were procured & pest control will be done now twice a weeks to ensure children are in protected environment while in school
- toilets will now be cleaned more frequently & soaps are being provided

It maybe noted that the school administration has promised to do what all of us feel is good for everyone on the above. However as parents we need to ensure the following requests from school are complied with for better management of the above
- since school has indian type toilets, lets all teach our children as to how they're used & flushed. It is found most children who normally use flush, get shyed away to pour water before & after use, which inturn is causing the stink
- ensure you child carries a napkin &/or handkerchief for better hygiene
- teach your child the need & use of soap sparingly. this ensures cut wastage of the soap being provided

We sincerely do hope we ensure & re-iterate that our children are educated on the above, which we hope will bring in a vast difference in coming months. DPaS thanks the school management & administration for accepting our concerns & for taking action very quickly.

October 20, 2009

How long do we take this ?

DPaS from the time of inception had only one goal to help management, teachers & administration the school provide better environment, academics, extra curricular activities & over all development of the children studying in the school, that would help India in years to come.

Today, after repeated requests to school, we still have few basics amenities for the children to be set right.

1. We find the toilets in in such a pathetic condition that many children today avoid using them & in turn ending up getting urinary related infections or stop/reduce water intake.
- Do they really need to do this, when we as parents are paying such huge amounts as fees year on year ? or does school dis-owns the responsibility of providing clean toilets with basic requirements like regular cleaning, availability of running water or soap etc?

2. Mosquito bites have increased & in last many months, in spite of requests, no major action has been taken by school & today the effect being, many children have fallen sick with high temperatures.
- A school of DPS stature can't afford basic pest control & provide classrooms which are free from such aliens?

We as concerned parents feel the above needs to be addressed on top priority by school management without any further delay. After all why does the society give DPS Secunderabad a step brother treatment compared to Hyderabad campus ? We're paying the same fee (maybe yes, 2K less annual fee) as them with almost 50% of facilities.

Parents, are you still waiting for heavens to come & protect our children from these?
How long can we take this ?

October 12, 2009

HSPA meet held on 11th October, 2009

Thanks to those 100plus parents who spared their personal time on Sunday & met up for 2hrs to share their experiences, views, thoughts & forward visions on how to save this society from the greedy school managements, trying to deprive quality school education out of middle class parents today.

1. Most parents agreed that the very reason they're supporting this movement is not because they can't afford the hike today, but to make sure they help the thousands of other parents, today who have already moved their children to different schools as they couldn't afford to pay the hiked up fees.
2. Many even agreed that the time being spent for this cause, they can very well earn more than required to pay the hiked up fees, but how about those other unfortunate parents who can't still manage ?
3. Please be aware that HSPA or DPaS is a group of professionals & businessmen who are spending their valuable time for a better society & not for some recognition or for any commercial/political interests. Just to make our bit of effort for better tomorrow & better society in India.
4. When almost all schools are run by a trusts, at is the motive behind charging thousands of rupees & adding almost no additional facilities in the school campus ?
- Can't we expect a decently maintained toilets with soaps for children in schools, which are charging thousands of rupees as fees? That too in the swine flu era ?
- Can't we expect hygienic conditions in the schools, with regular pest control in place?
- Can't we expect a decent playground ?
- Can't we expect school administration treat parents as partners in their success & treat them with respect than threaten them ?
- Why only few parents get best treatment & not others ? Are all parents not paying same amount as fees ?
- Don't we expect proper communication from schools via SMS, Email etc, when the whole world is automated ?

Think over parents, what you demand is what you get. If you feel the active parents are doing that for their vested interest or they don't have any other work, you're mistaken & you're in deepest of the cover you can expect in life. After all remember, we're here to repay our debt to future generation & not to enjoy what the past generation gave us.

Wake up, unite & pass this message all over & do you bit for the future society.
You don't have theluxury of time, yesterday is gone, you don't know what is tomorrow for you. Its only today that we have with us, what can be done, can be done today only.

October 04, 2009

Nature's fury - Man made ?

No matter what its is & who's at fault, today millions of people stand homeless, dreams shattered & hanging on for life to survive in the banks of river Krishna, Tungabhadra etc. Man made wonders Srisailam & Nagarjunasagar dams stand to hold the breath of the nature to protect its millions of human beings, unfortunately many died in this fury.

DPaS deeply mourns of this natures fury.