December 31, 2009

Government sliding on its GO MS 91

As per the article in Sakshi (Telugu News Paper) GoAP now wants to dilute the GO MS 91 & make the schools charging less than Rs 12000 per annum out of DFRC purview. Those schools need not submit any records to increase fee within the limit of Rs 12000. This can be viewed as

1. Reduce the number of schools & allow DFRC to focus on schools charging high fees & give proper attention
2. Give free hand to schools now charging less & allow them go till Rs 12,000

What an atrocious act that could make school education beyond a normal middle class family ? Are we going back to ice age & the world of land lords where only the rich affords education & create the rest as slaves class ?

Time for parents to act & ensure education becomes affordable & or make sure government provides quality education through its schools.


December 27, 2009

Updates to members

- Important communication emailed to all members email IDs available with us.
- Request all members of DPS, Secunderabad to update us with their email ID & Mobile numbers. Email us your contacts to
- A poll has been created in our yahoo groups. Please participate & finalise on action next.
- Parents across schools can joined HSPA group on linked in

Few press clippings on similar activities across the country ..

December 23, 2009

Important update for the members

1. Due to recent political announcements, school has declared holiday tomorrow. Parents please make a note of this & pass on to your contacts.

2. Legal opinion (on the fee circular issued by the school) is likely to be available to us tomorrow & the update will be passed on by all means of communications. You may hold on for update from us.

3. The proposed GBM mayn't happen due to section 144 being declared in Hyderabad.

December 22, 2009

The mad rush has started !!!

Who to blame it on ?

Circular on payment of 3rd term fee + Annual fee

The day of reckoning has come & today the school has sent challans & circular on payment of 3rd term fee & annual fee. Few points to be noted here
1. Its good to note that DPS accepting the GO MS 91, unlike many other schools. After all whether its parents or school management we trust & respect & go as to what is right.
2. School is demanding to pay up the 3rd terms fee as per last year. After all we all agreed to pay 2nd term fee in similar grounds & hope we shouldn't have any questions on this now.
3. School also asked us to pay up the due annual fee, we need to have a legal opinion on this. However good part is the school is charging us only last years annual fee & not the hiked fee.
4. Activity & lab fee are being charged, this is a debatable addition ?
Anway, good or bad, we need to have collective decision & we propose to have our General Body Meeting on 27th December. The venue & time will be notified in next 1-2days time & request all the members to come for the meeting without fail. Please inform this to all the parents that you're in touch & we need this to be attended by every single member & many more new members.

December 19, 2009

Government wants to act against schools starting 21st December
This article which has come in Sakshi (Telugu News paper), which talks about government of APs seriousness in implementing the GO MS 91 in the schools in & around Hyderabad/Secunderabad. As per the article only one school (of about 1800plus schools) approached DFRC till now !!

The article refers to Victoria Devakumari, Hyderabad District Education Officer, who wants to do checks on various schools on various aspects as listed in the GO.

Get ready to pay more school fees

Now its Bangalore's turn to take up !!!
When would government open up & give some respite to Parents of this country ? Many countries provide basic education to children almost free & that too quality one's. So sad to note that India is trying to showcase the world that our age old education system is no match to them interms of new generation money power controlled system.

Wake up parents, only you can make this country & society a better place to live in. After all we owe this to our future generations ...

Schools ignore rules, sell forms for Rs 2,000

Government of AP has come out with the GO MS 91 in August 2009 & the world is yet to follow ?
Looks like every activity & every individual has their say ....

Struggle is on !!!

December 16, 2009

Hyderabad Schools Parents Association (HSPA)


HSPA is now available on You may try to catch up many parents across schools in Hyderabad online in one of the most popular professional networking site. Join us @

Happy networking & sharing of thoughts & ideas that could change the life of many parents from across schools in Hyderabad.