December 22, 2009

Circular on payment of 3rd term fee + Annual fee

The day of reckoning has come & today the school has sent challans & circular on payment of 3rd term fee & annual fee. Few points to be noted here
1. Its good to note that DPS accepting the GO MS 91, unlike many other schools. After all whether its parents or school management we trust & respect & go as to what is right.
2. School is demanding to pay up the 3rd terms fee as per last year. After all we all agreed to pay 2nd term fee in similar grounds & hope we shouldn't have any questions on this now.
3. School also asked us to pay up the due annual fee, we need to have a legal opinion on this. However good part is the school is charging us only last years annual fee & not the hiked fee.
4. Activity & lab fee are being charged, this is a debatable addition ?
Anway, good or bad, we need to have collective decision & we propose to have our General Body Meeting on 27th December. The venue & time will be notified in next 1-2days time & request all the members to come for the meeting without fail. Please inform this to all the parents that you're in touch & we need this to be attended by every single member & many more new members.

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