December 31, 2009

Government sliding on its GO MS 91

As per the article in Sakshi (Telugu News Paper) GoAP now wants to dilute the GO MS 91 & make the schools charging less than Rs 12000 per annum out of DFRC purview. Those schools need not submit any records to increase fee within the limit of Rs 12000. This can be viewed as

1. Reduce the number of schools & allow DFRC to focus on schools charging high fees & give proper attention
2. Give free hand to schools now charging less & allow them go till Rs 12,000

What an atrocious act that could make school education beyond a normal middle class family ? Are we going back to ice age & the world of land lords where only the rich affords education & create the rest as slaves class ?

Time for parents to act & ensure education becomes affordable & or make sure government provides quality education through its schools.


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