January 01, 2010


Let this new year bring in

- tons of wisdom to the law makers & make our country a place for the next generation to get trouble free education of their choice
- billions of respects & wishes to the school managements who would move away from making schools from money minting campuses to quality & over all education to the next generation, which we all owe & true to their trust status
- millions of parents wishes comes true to make children educate in all aspects of life

1 comment:

  1. Very Happy New year to all from the family of All India Parents Association. We wish the 2010 should witness that all children whether of rich or poor must go to mainstream quality school and child's right to get free and compulsory quality education becomes a reality. Let us join hands to completely eliminate the child labour in all its forms. Ashok Agarwal, Advocate & President AIPA M-09811101923