January 08, 2010

Its now happening in Mumbai !

Parents step up fee hike protests Buzz Up Share
Mumbai, Jan. 7 -- Parents' organisations in the city have stepped up their protest against fee hikes in private, unaided schools and have once again called for scrapping the Bansal Committee report, which allows schools to hike their fees to make a reasonable surplus.
The 21-member committee, headed by former education secretary Kumud Bansal, submitted its report recommending fee hikes in private, unaided schools in October. The only three parent members on the committee protested, saying it was biased in favour of school managements.
The Maharashtra government is yet to decide whether it will accept the report or not. More than 20 organisations comprising parents and activists met on Sunday to decide on the further course of action.
"No parents should pay any increased fees till the government takes a decision," said Jayant Jain, President of the All India Federation of Parent-Teacher Associations. Further, the Federation and the Forum for Fairness in Education are planning to submit an "alternative report" to the state government on fee fixing in private, unaided schools.
Going to court will be the last resort, said Jain.

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