January 19, 2010

DFRC to act tough against schools

Saakshi | 19.01.2010 | Hyderabad district Edition

Eenadu | 19.01.2010 | Hyderabad district Edition

English translation
District Fee Regulatory Committee (DFRC) issues notice to schools regarding fee hike

  • On parents complaints, notice has been issued to Glendale, Niraj, Meridian, Princess Esin, Mukharam Jahi and other schools. These schools need to respond within one week with explanation and audit reports
  • School Education Department has issued notice to about 1500 schools to respond within one months time and submit details with complete audit report
  • Schools should abide by GO MS-91 and collect fee as per 2008-09
  • Criminal case will be filed on the school who have ignored the GO and hiked fee by 40%

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