January 06, 2010

Update to members

1. Offlate school has starting SMSing parents & please be noted that SMSs from TM-DPSSEBAD are from management & the association uses TM-DPaS. Good to see school adopting the easiest & fastest way to communicate to parents & we look forward for school in adopting this tool for many more communications to parents.

2. On the 3rd term fee, many parents are objecting to the payment of additional amount paid in 1st term, not getting adjusted now. Please be informed from DPaS we've communicated to school that we need to get the additional amount paid versus last year fee in this academic year for children leaving the school & in the next fee due for children continuing. The fact being the school again & again confirmed that they're abiding by GO MS 91 - which says schools are to collect last academic year fee only. 

3. Just for calculation purpose most of us maybe amazed to know that the additional amount being collected would result in a corpus fund of Rs 80lacs upwards with the school management (considering most of us end up paying minimum of Rs 2000 & the students suming up to about 4000 in both the schools)

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