March 31, 2010

United we create history, divided we stand as is !

As you all know that HSPA has taken up on behalf of all schools against the various cases filed by about 16schools, as of now, in High Court & the hearing has started last week. High Court has today completed the hearing from various lawyers representing schools & is likely to hear the government (respondant) & HSPA early next week. The cases are now up for dismissal & we expect favourable results, if money doesn't play havoc. Either way its, a known fact that who ever looses is likely to take up the matter to Supreme Court. This we assume would bring an end to free for all in school education, like the way its regulated in higher & professional education. So, be assured that you're now part of this historic run & a movement.

Visit for more details.

What it takes to make this happen, again money matters & without your support we can't take this anywhere & request you to please contribute for this cause. Most of you would've already met up or spoken to few parents who volunteered to take this up in various parts of the city to make it convenient for you. Below is the list of parents you may contact for the same

1. Narsing Raj (Cinderella Bakery, Diamond Point) 9346464645
2. Aruna (Habsiguda) 9949600091
3. Satya (Tirumalgherry) 9849025405
4. Vikas (Nikhil Medicals, Bowenpally Market near school) 9885018894
5. Ashwin (AWHO colony) 9866312641
6. Naveen Reddy 9849433550
7. Bharat Jain (Sindhi Colony) 9246595928
8. Priya (Manasarovar Heights) 9550276320

Rest of you may email your details to & we would get the same picked up. This is for parent sfrom all schools & not just restricted to DPS Hyderabad & Secunderabad alone.

March 23, 2010

Note from HSPA : What can your Rs 500 or USD 10 do for parents in India ?

We’re sure you know about GO_MS_91 and how HSPA worked relentlessly in 2009 with late CM YSR and his team to get this GO rolled out in the larger interest of parents in AP state. Private Un-aided schools (Like DPS, Meridian, Chirec, Niraj, St Andrew’s, Pricess Esin and Nalanda) could not take this possibility of REGULATORS in education sector and challenged the GO and managed to get 4 weeks temporary suspension of GO_MS_91 so that the case can be heard with their perspective.

But just with the news of 4 weeks temporary suspension of GO_MS_91, all schools had started raising their fees again without any fear of regulation. Some schools had even sent “revised written circulars” with a fee being revised twice within a same academic year. The hikes generally across the city for 2010 -11 is pegged currently at 5- 23%.

HSPA has been included in this case as a body representing the interest of parents across the Greater Hyderabad City. The case was heard on last Tuesday in AP High Court with Schools, AP Government and HSPA as 3 parties. Last hearing continued for 1.5 hours & had gone very positive around Government’s role to review/ regulate Fee “yearly hike” in Private –unaided schools also. CBSE/ ICSE/ IB etc are all affiliation bodies and have no role around administrative governance.

HSPA had hired the services of a very prestigious “Designated Senior Counsel” who has been “Ex Advocate General” and looking at how he had contested the case on last Tuesday with his team, all the Schools have now merged their 9 legal teams to contest this case an additionally hired AP HC Senior Counsel and 2 Supreme Court counsels being called from Delhi to contest this on next Tuesday March 30th. Based on how fast its going, Our counsel feel that the case may be wrapped up within next 15 days, as against our earlier expectation of 2-3 years.

If HSPA alongwith AP Government is successful in retaining the sanctity of GO_MS_91, then you can be assured that you will continue to get quality education but will not be at the ransom of the school for “take it or leave it” stand!!!


March 20, 2010

Lets support HSPA

Please see an important message for Parents from all schools in AP posted on

Be a part of the change & spread it to all your contacts.

What is in for Parents now & in near future ?

Good to see whole lot of parents gearing up & asking/demanding school what is right for parents is what school is supposed to provide. This is summer & summers are very hot in Hyderabad. Today's children are not geared up to bare the natures fury & unfortunate that school has decided what is convenient for them & decided unilaterally on the school timings from 8 to 1.45PM. School has only one break at about 10AM & children are now feeling not only the summer heat but are starving due to change in their schedules. This has hit many children hard in just 2-3days of change in schedule. Yesterday whole lot of parents protested this & has submitted a letter to Principal to consider the change in timings to suite children, keeping in view their well being.

We expect school to respond & act on this request at the earliest.

Next academic fee's are due anytime & school management maybe working out late hours as to how they can now increase the fee. Unfortunately the GO MS91 is still under suspension stage. We now need to gear up, increase our base & ensure we have each & every parents of the DPS Hyderabad & Secunderabad as our members. After all protest of increase in fee is not our only goal, we're for the over all improvement of relationships in the school.

Think over if we can be something like in near future ?

March 12, 2010

New definitions to Fairness & Trust

Very interesting move by the school management, am sure we all realised by now !

1. School has started distributing copies of the AP High Court order (of Niraj Public School) which says the GO has been suspended for four weeks, dated 22nd January, 2010.

What is the real motive behind this & what does it mean to us ?
The circular issued to us for payment of additional fee says GO is ineffective & the GO copies being distributed by school says it has been suspended for 4weeks. So, if the GO comes back, it is a clear message from school management that they would refund/adjust the additional fee being collected. Why this short gap arrangement & why not wait for few more weeks, till court finally comes with their decision, as the school managements case is due for hearing any time now ?

2. School has facilitated the vendor to sell books directly to the parents & the fact is that they've used divide & rule policy, with slight modification this year "divide the cost & make more money"

Came up with a wonderful idea of asking the vendor to sell books at cost price & with a note that talks about additional price to be paid in June 2010 for the freebies that were given to parents till last year !

Is this transparency, openness, fairness or what is it ? School management looks like it has decided to only squeeze parents in all possible ways & means with no humanitarian grounds or re-define their own motto "Service before Self"

We appreciated them & wouldn't take back our words or what ever & we're confident one day school management would realise that parents are equal partners in bringing up of the school in every possible parameter.

After all we parents, are not against any developmental activities in the school or against any such activity that would make management feel let down financially. Our agenda, from the very first day, has been treat us as equal partners & we all go together leaps & bounds. 

We've agreed to pay the differential fee this year, as asked by the school & it is being done under protest just to make sure management doesn't come with any such new ideas like above that would look mean.

One more first to DPSs credit

We all should appreciate & thank our school management for coming up with an innovative idea of facilitating the sale of books & stationery by the vendor directly, in the school campuses. This has helped parents save quite a bit of hard earned money. We're sure the school would come forward with many such ideas, choices & options to parents, in coming years.

From parents side, we would like to inform you that, based on suggestions from our legal counsels & well wishers, we should go ahead & pay the differential (incremental) fee, as per the challans issued to us. You may note that we've written to school, to allow parents pay up before 20th March with out levying any penalties, due to holidays. You may read this as a gesture by parents not to obstruct any developmental activities in school, as management claims & to ensure our commitment for overall development in our school, as equal partners.

However you may note that this is being paid in protest without any prejudice & with a clause to be refunded against any government/court orders in near future. We're sure this would be a fair deal for the school & parents.

March 04, 2010

Combined meeting of DPaS & DPSHPA

Well the much awaited challans were issued in DPS Secunderabad finally, today.

Now, way forward for us has limited options & its time for all of us to get activated from hibernation mode, once again & work out a fail proof strategy at any cost.

Not as easy as said, but we're know to be achievers all through. So, nothing can stop us & trust this time we would take this on a long term strategy & ensure is settled once for all, opening up all options that we have with us. Now is the time we need together, meet & gear up for the big show infront of us. Maybe, looking at bigger picture, lets not worry of endingup paying some paltry amount today, just to ensure we don't give undue advantage from our hands.

To take this further, parents from DPS Hyderabad & Secunderabad are requested to gather for the meeting in

Jalagam Vengal Rao Park, Road No1, Banjara Hills (near Nagarjuna Cirle)
on 7th March, 2010 from 10.00-12.00AM

This meeting is very important to all of us & we request you to pass this information all the parents that you know. Please spread & ensure we all meet up.

Please check on for a very important message from HSPA.

March 01, 2010

Combined GBM of DPSHPA & DPaS

Thanks to over 80 odd parents who have come forward & spent few hours of their personal time to share their feelings, thoughts & suggestion on way forward for our functioning & further steps.
  • We all have agreed that today we're not figting against school management or teachers but to bring up an open minded relationship that would be for mutual benefit & achieve what a true India Guru-Shisya mode of teaching is all about
  • We only demand what is right for all of us & we want school management to treat us atleast equal partners ifn't as stake holders in true sense
  • We've been demanding transperancy in school operations & wouldn't want school to bleed in turn effecting any of the facilities or quality that were the prime parameters of we choosing the school while taking admission in the school for our children
  • We want to support the school in every possible angle that we as parents can contribute to or support in bettering
With the above objectives in mind from day one & even today we continue our activities & plan any future activities in decensy & decoram in the best interest of our the partners in progress.

Many transactions were discussed & the same can be shared from your nearest representative who attended the meeting. We look forward for much better response for our next meetings to be planned very shortly.

DPSHPA (DPS Hyderabad) members would be meeting on 7th March, 2010 (coming SUnday) @ 10AM in Vengal Rao Park, Rd No 1, Banjara Hills.