March 04, 2010

Combined meeting of DPaS & DPSHPA

Well the much awaited challans were issued in DPS Secunderabad finally, today.

Now, way forward for us has limited options & its time for all of us to get activated from hibernation mode, once again & work out a fail proof strategy at any cost.

Not as easy as said, but we're know to be achievers all through. So, nothing can stop us & trust this time we would take this on a long term strategy & ensure is settled once for all, opening up all options that we have with us. Now is the time we need together, meet & gear up for the big show infront of us. Maybe, looking at bigger picture, lets not worry of endingup paying some paltry amount today, just to ensure we don't give undue advantage from our hands.

To take this further, parents from DPS Hyderabad & Secunderabad are requested to gather for the meeting in

Jalagam Vengal Rao Park, Road No1, Banjara Hills (near Nagarjuna Cirle)
on 7th March, 2010 from 10.00-12.00AM

This meeting is very important to all of us & we request you to pass this information all the parents that you know. Please spread & ensure we all meet up.

Please check on for a very important message from HSPA.

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