March 31, 2010

United we create history, divided we stand as is !

As you all know that HSPA has taken up on behalf of all schools against the various cases filed by about 16schools, as of now, in High Court & the hearing has started last week. High Court has today completed the hearing from various lawyers representing schools & is likely to hear the government (respondant) & HSPA early next week. The cases are now up for dismissal & we expect favourable results, if money doesn't play havoc. Either way its, a known fact that who ever looses is likely to take up the matter to Supreme Court. This we assume would bring an end to free for all in school education, like the way its regulated in higher & professional education. So, be assured that you're now part of this historic run & a movement.

Visit for more details.

What it takes to make this happen, again money matters & without your support we can't take this anywhere & request you to please contribute for this cause. Most of you would've already met up or spoken to few parents who volunteered to take this up in various parts of the city to make it convenient for you. Below is the list of parents you may contact for the same

1. Narsing Raj (Cinderella Bakery, Diamond Point) 9346464645
2. Aruna (Habsiguda) 9949600091
3. Satya (Tirumalgherry) 9849025405
4. Vikas (Nikhil Medicals, Bowenpally Market near school) 9885018894
5. Ashwin (AWHO colony) 9866312641
6. Naveen Reddy 9849433550
7. Bharat Jain (Sindhi Colony) 9246595928
8. Priya (Manasarovar Heights) 9550276320

Rest of you may email your details to & we would get the same picked up. This is for parent sfrom all schools & not just restricted to DPS Hyderabad & Secunderabad alone.

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