April 12, 2010

School issues challans for Hyderabad & Secunderabad : Hold the fee till last date.

  • Its a much appreciated fact that the school management hasn't increased the fee for 2010-2011 vis-a-vis 2009-2010 unlike many other schools.
  • This year onwards the fee structure is different for Hyderabad & Secunderabad campuses. Secunderabad is lower by Rs 5,000 on annual & tuition fee per annum basis.
  • You may all note that the quantum of hike by any school this year has been less than 15% (as per information we have till now) only, which means the slogging parents did for over 1 years is now bearing the fruits & also exposes the fact that realisation is on with school managements that parents are not hear to take lying down.
  • Lets re-iterate that our only contention has been year on year fee hikes, without any justification to parents & never ever intended to de-fame, take over control of governance or disturb the functionality of the school. All we demand is respect for Parents who pay the fee for functioning of schools & not the receivers. We can be compared to any unions in factories as we don't get paid by schools but we pay schools, instead.
  • What we can offer is what we decided to put our children in yesterday & giving ampt buffer for raise in year on year hikes, but we can't have unjustified hikes & can't be a lame looking ducks at the mercy of greedy school managements.
  • We're parents with due respect to our society & many of us hold dignified role in building up of this nation & can't be treated like a alien invaders in schools, where we fund & get our children educated.
  • Social responsibility with rightful demands that are due on us & is our right to demand what is justified.
  • Schools can't be compared to hotels, where relationship is for few minutes, hours or days (most times) & once the child is admitted we're bonded for 12-14yrs on relationship with schools & moving out is not an option that could be monetary, socially or morally right.
  • What is right & what is wrong needs to be justified & as a consumer paying for services of the school, we have right to demand for justification, no matter what comes in between.
The court hearings are now completed & the judgment is now reserved. We expect some judgment to come in anytime before court closes for vacation. In view of this is is being requested that lets hold payment of fee until the last date ie 24th April, 2010.

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