April 27, 2010

HSPAs Statement : Coward persons statement in press !

Times of India | http://www.timesofindia.com/ | 24th & 26th April, 2010

1. The first part of the above news that was published in Times of India on 24th April, 2010 quoting some parent is baseless & was found that he was never part of HSPA in the first instance & has been a parent who had no idea as to what has happened or happening in the High Court & unfortunate that he was one of the active parent intitially & has now vowed to support a school management for what ever reason.
He hasn't even dared to get his name published, which is a coward act & the person himself should feel S**T of this act of his & we're in the process of taking appropriate action against him.

2. HSPA is an organised body & hasn't authorised except for the office bearers to speak on its behalf in the press. Memebers are advised any such unsolicited reports would be null & void, as far as HSPA is concerned & we decided to take approprioate action against any one found mis-using HSPAs name without proper authorisation.

3. High Court Bench wouldn't have spent over 6days in 3 weeks if anyone felt its sheer waste of time & mind the people present (senior counsels incldued) counted to over 40 ! How un-mindfull can this person be to such a serious concern of parents who sweat it out to get their children educated ?
4. Think over the judgement of Madras High Court & Bombay High Courts which ruled in favour of parents rights & Governments authority over private, un-aided schools try to mint money in the name of education. Think over what all rulings are coming in Delhi High Court ?

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