April 23, 2010

To "pay" or "not to pay" !

Your association had many options to choose from & has informed you all by SMS that we would go ahead & pay the fee's due tomorrow "under protest". Practically speaking it has no meaning as end of the day, what school has demanded is being paid up by parents.

Does this mean we've surrendered to the managements pressure tactics or we're heading no where ? Most of you, including me has been in similar mindset, but the fact lies that we're here to fight for what is rightful in the best of our interest ("our" here includes parents, teachers, school management & children).

We're since day one, been demanding proper treatment by management to parents. DPS Hyderabad & Secunderabad management has been definitely one of those very few managements in this city who has been positive towards parents demands. Lets appreciate that & at the same time we demand much more improvement in terms of management, teachers & parents tri-party relationships. Involve parents who end of the day fund the school by paying fee's. Don't treat us like people with no business & are those un-wanted human beings or don't look at us as money making machines !

Going back to the options, we had  weighed all available with us & since the school decided not to hike the fee as per what has been published in the website, we decided after all consultations that lets go ahead & pay. However, we all need to note a point that the HSPA legal team fighting against all odds in the High Court of AP ... should that come through the options would open up.

Keep one thing in mind, it's a nation syndrome & in very near future education would be made affordable in this country, either government gears up & improve the schools funded by them or nationalise education by an act or what ever & regulate the private adventurers from taking it away from a common man & trying to show their so called social obligation in different meaning !

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