April 27, 2010

HSPAs Statement : Coward persons statement in press !

Times of India | http://www.timesofindia.com/ | 24th & 26th April, 2010

1. The first part of the above news that was published in Times of India on 24th April, 2010 quoting some parent is baseless & was found that he was never part of HSPA in the first instance & has been a parent who had no idea as to what has happened or happening in the High Court & unfortunate that he was one of the active parent intitially & has now vowed to support a school management for what ever reason.
He hasn't even dared to get his name published, which is a coward act & the person himself should feel S**T of this act of his & we're in the process of taking appropriate action against him.

2. HSPA is an organised body & hasn't authorised except for the office bearers to speak on its behalf in the press. Memebers are advised any such unsolicited reports would be null & void, as far as HSPA is concerned & we decided to take approprioate action against any one found mis-using HSPAs name without proper authorisation.

3. High Court Bench wouldn't have spent over 6days in 3 weeks if anyone felt its sheer waste of time & mind the people present (senior counsels incldued) counted to over 40 ! How un-mindfull can this person be to such a serious concern of parents who sweat it out to get their children educated ?
4. Think over the judgement of Madras High Court & Bombay High Courts which ruled in favour of parents rights & Governments authority over private, un-aided schools try to mint money in the name of education. Think over what all rulings are coming in Delhi High Court ?

April 23, 2010

To "pay" or "not to pay" !

Your association had many options to choose from & has informed you all by SMS that we would go ahead & pay the fee's due tomorrow "under protest". Practically speaking it has no meaning as end of the day, what school has demanded is being paid up by parents.

Does this mean we've surrendered to the managements pressure tactics or we're heading no where ? Most of you, including me has been in similar mindset, but the fact lies that we're here to fight for what is rightful in the best of our interest ("our" here includes parents, teachers, school management & children).

We're since day one, been demanding proper treatment by management to parents. DPS Hyderabad & Secunderabad management has been definitely one of those very few managements in this city who has been positive towards parents demands. Lets appreciate that & at the same time we demand much more improvement in terms of management, teachers & parents tri-party relationships. Involve parents who end of the day fund the school by paying fee's. Don't treat us like people with no business & are those un-wanted human beings or don't look at us as money making machines !

Going back to the options, we had  weighed all available with us & since the school decided not to hike the fee as per what has been published in the website, we decided after all consultations that lets go ahead & pay. However, we all need to note a point that the HSPA legal team fighting against all odds in the High Court of AP ... should that come through the options would open up.

Keep one thing in mind, it's a nation syndrome & in very near future education would be made affordable in this country, either government gears up & improve the schools funded by them or nationalise education by an act or what ever & regulate the private adventurers from taking it away from a common man & trying to show their so called social obligation in different meaning !

April 19, 2010

Parents say, won't pay hiked fees

NEW DELHI: To try and rein in rising school fees, parents of students of 30 city schools on Sunday decided not to pay the hiked fees for the new session. Parents gathered at a meeting called by the All India Parents' Association (AIPA) on Sunday, following the latest guidelines issued by the directorate of education (DoE) on April 16. The DoE guidelines now make it mandatory for a school to get the consent of its Parent Teacher Association before the school-managing committee approves any hike in the fee.

According to AIPA, parents will not pay any hike in the fee for the new session, which started this month, unless every school forms a valid PTA and takes its consent before hiking the fee. "Schools have invariably increased the fee by 15% to 20% at the start of the session even though such a hike is unnecessary in most cases. We have now decided to pay the same fee as before and not the hiked amount, said Ashok Aggarwal, national president, AIPA. Aggarwal added, "Parents of nearly 30 schools were present in the meeting, including Summer Fields School, Kailash Colony; Air force Bal Bharati, Lodhi Road; Green Fields School, Safdarjung Enclave; Ramjas School, Anand Parbat; Sachdeva Public School, Rohini; Vishal Bharti School, Paschim Vihar; Navy Children School, Chanakyapuri and others on Sunday morning which went on for almost two-and-a-half hours. We will make other parents also aware of this decision. DoE's fresh guidelines have given us a legal backing. If schools take any action against the parents, we will move court.

AIPA has also decided to move the High court in the coming week so any further hike in fee by the schools can be stopped till the pending issues are settled. Aggarwal said, "The earlier disputes on the matter of fee hike after the Sixth Pay Commission have not been settled yet. How can the schools again hike the fee? There are so many schools in south and east Delhi and Rohini which have made a steep hike in fee again this year. They do not even have proper PTAs. According to parents present at the meeting, most schools have surplus funds that can be used by the school instead of hiking the fee every year.

A parent, whose child studies in a reputed school in south Delhi, but did not wish to be named, said, "The school has asked parents to pay a total of Rs 43,600 at the start of the session when another branch of the school is asking for Rs 25,000. The problem is we are not really aware of what all charges can a school levy on us. All parents are agitated but don't know how to react. The school has no parents association. He said that around Rs 23,000 of the total fee had to be paid for various heads like development fund, orientation fee and miscellaneous charges. "We are afraid of going to the school management individually and the school doesn't listen to us either," he said.

However, schools call parents step unjustified and the directorate's latest circular illegal. According to schools, the quantum of hike has to be decided by March every year and the managing committees have governments nominees on it. R P Mullick, chairperson, Federation of Schools — a body of 300 private unaided schools in the city — said, "No act says that the fee hike has to be approved by the PTA. Only the managing committee of the school has to clear it. Most schools have already done that in March and the government's nominees have signed on it. The hiked fee has been also been recovered in many schools. How can DoE then send us such a circular? We are not going to follow it as it is illegal."

Want to read the circular by DoE on yourself ? Click on the link below

April 12, 2010

School issues challans for Hyderabad & Secunderabad : Hold the fee till last date.

  • Its a much appreciated fact that the school management hasn't increased the fee for 2010-2011 vis-a-vis 2009-2010 unlike many other schools.
  • This year onwards the fee structure is different for Hyderabad & Secunderabad campuses. Secunderabad is lower by Rs 5,000 on annual & tuition fee per annum basis.
  • You may all note that the quantum of hike by any school this year has been less than 15% (as per information we have till now) only, which means the slogging parents did for over 1 years is now bearing the fruits & also exposes the fact that realisation is on with school managements that parents are not hear to take lying down.
  • Lets re-iterate that our only contention has been year on year fee hikes, without any justification to parents & never ever intended to de-fame, take over control of governance or disturb the functionality of the school. All we demand is respect for Parents who pay the fee for functioning of schools & not the receivers. We can be compared to any unions in factories as we don't get paid by schools but we pay schools, instead.
  • What we can offer is what we decided to put our children in yesterday & giving ampt buffer for raise in year on year hikes, but we can't have unjustified hikes & can't be a lame looking ducks at the mercy of greedy school managements.
  • We're parents with due respect to our society & many of us hold dignified role in building up of this nation & can't be treated like a alien invaders in schools, where we fund & get our children educated.
  • Social responsibility with rightful demands that are due on us & is our right to demand what is justified.
  • Schools can't be compared to hotels, where relationship is for few minutes, hours or days (most times) & once the child is admitted we're bonded for 12-14yrs on relationship with schools & moving out is not an option that could be monetary, socially or morally right.
  • What is right & what is wrong needs to be justified & as a consumer paying for services of the school, we have right to demand for justification, no matter what comes in between.
The court hearings are now completed & the judgment is now reserved. We expect some judgment to come in anytime before court closes for vacation. In view of this is is being requested that lets hold payment of fee until the last date ie 24th April, 2010.