April 16, 2011

New Act to regulate private school fees

HYDERABAD: The state government has decided to come out with a new Act that would prevent private schools from increasing their fees every academic year. K Parthasarathi, minister for secondary education , announced on Thursday that following the example of Tamil Nadu, the state government was thinking of enacting an Act that would regulate the fees in private institutions in the state.

The Act will also lay out rules that will have to be followed by the secondary education department while granting recognition to private schools. The state's initiative for the new Act is part of the mandate of the Right to Education (RTE) Act that stipulates new legislation to control private schools. Also, a high court order issued in 2010 had directed the department to come up with fresh rules of fee regulation.

The government had a year ago issued an order (GO Ms No: 91) regulating the fee structure. However, private schools secured the high court stay on the GO. The court, however, in August last year directed the school education department to form new rules from 2011-12 academic year.

Toeing the example of Tamil Nadu, AP wants to enact a new Act to regulate fees in private schools The new Act will lay down rules for recognition of schools too AP's initiative is part of the mandate of the Right to Education Act Last year, AP tried to regulate the fees, but school managements secured a stay from the HC The court asked the state to form new rules from the 2011-12 academic year Child rights NGOs want the new rules to be enforced across the board, including corporate and international schools

Parents welcome govt's move to check fee hike
Hyderabad: The government's move to come out with a new Act to prevent private schools from increasing fees every academic year, has brought new hope to parents wary of the annual hike.

"The court had directed the school education department to come out with new rules as the old GO was issued in a hurry and had several flaws. If the government is planning to come out with new regulations before the commencement of the next academic year, many parents will be relieved," said Kamal Malliramani, member, Hyderabad School Parents Association (HSPA). According to HSPA records, several city schools have already hiked their fee structure by 10 per cent to 50 per cent for the coming academic year. "If a new legislation is put in place, there will be some amount of fear among private schools and unjustified fee-hike might stop," said Malliramani.

HSPA said the state government should force the schools to make their fee structure a public document like in Tamil Nadu.

Meanwhile, private school managements said that they would welcome the move only if fee regulation is introduced across the board. "No schools including international and corporate schools should be exempted from regulation," said Srinivas Reddy, convener, Recognised Schools' Managements' Association.

Some child rights NGOs, however, said the government should also introduce provisions regulating the salaries of teachers in the new Act. "The Act should be aimed at regulating private schools and not just focus on fee structure," said Achuyta Rao, president, child rights NGO, Bala Sangham .


April 08, 2011

Minutes of today's meeting with school (DPS Secunderabad)

Brief of discussions with school today morning

1. It has been confirmed by school that the fee structure stands at the amount as per the circular sent by school. Detailed structure would be circulated on Monday through the children, valid for academic year 2011-12.

2. School has consulted 2 Parents few months back. as per them, to take a decision on fee hike. It has been questioned as to who has decided & on what basis these Parents were approved ! This shows the mean attitude of management towards Parents & high headedness of management. Compliance to requirement is one & acceptance of managemnet on Parents demands is the other. First one gives short term gains but the second one would give a longterm gains to school management, teachers, students & parents.

3. Due date to pay the 1st term fee is now extended to 20th April, 2011. Parents request is to extend it to 15th May, 2011 incontinutation to the request put forward for the past 2years for the reason, Parents get into tight financial situations due to Financial Year closing in March (due to payments of various taxes). We await school's confirmation on this. 

April 02, 2011

Yesterday morning, we had about 50 parents coming in to meet the school & demand for the reason as to why they decided to hike the tuition fee by 50%. Above letter has been submitted. The following points were discussed

1. Tuition fee across classes has gone up by 50%
School says as per the new fee structure, school has merged all headers under which fee was being charged by school till last year. Hence all fee would be only tuition fee & is payable in 3 terms. Effective hike is 15% & school would give a circular to this regards, after consultation with management.

2. Copy of the circular released by CBSE to all schools was give & we did demand as to why school management took uni-lateral decision with consulting Parents, as in the circular ? Explanation has been sought by us from management.

3. School is an important element in our children's growth. Many of  the Parents are the experts in many fields & can share their experiences with children, thereby helping them & the school as well. This has been a demand by many of the Parents, to involve them in the over all development of school. We demanded for a open house where in we can come out with many constructive idea's to better school in every parameter.

4. We demanded for upkeep of toilets etc as its very important aspect in hygiene of children. Its school's responsibility that they ensure the toilets are clean & hygienic.