April 08, 2011

Minutes of today's meeting with school (DPS Secunderabad)

Brief of discussions with school today morning

1. It has been confirmed by school that the fee structure stands at the amount as per the circular sent by school. Detailed structure would be circulated on Monday through the children, valid for academic year 2011-12.

2. School has consulted 2 Parents few months back. as per them, to take a decision on fee hike. It has been questioned as to who has decided & on what basis these Parents were approved ! This shows the mean attitude of management towards Parents & high headedness of management. Compliance to requirement is one & acceptance of managemnet on Parents demands is the other. First one gives short term gains but the second one would give a longterm gains to school management, teachers, students & parents.

3. Due date to pay the 1st term fee is now extended to 20th April, 2011. Parents request is to extend it to 15th May, 2011 incontinutation to the request put forward for the past 2years for the reason, Parents get into tight financial situations due to Financial Year closing in March (due to payments of various taxes). We await school's confirmation on this. 

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