March 20, 2010

What is in for Parents now & in near future ?

Good to see whole lot of parents gearing up & asking/demanding school what is right for parents is what school is supposed to provide. This is summer & summers are very hot in Hyderabad. Today's children are not geared up to bare the natures fury & unfortunate that school has decided what is convenient for them & decided unilaterally on the school timings from 8 to 1.45PM. School has only one break at about 10AM & children are now feeling not only the summer heat but are starving due to change in their schedules. This has hit many children hard in just 2-3days of change in schedule. Yesterday whole lot of parents protested this & has submitted a letter to Principal to consider the change in timings to suite children, keeping in view their well being.

We expect school to respond & act on this request at the earliest.

Next academic fee's are due anytime & school management maybe working out late hours as to how they can now increase the fee. Unfortunately the GO MS91 is still under suspension stage. We now need to gear up, increase our base & ensure we have each & every parents of the DPS Hyderabad & Secunderabad as our members. After all protest of increase in fee is not our only goal, we're for the over all improvement of relationships in the school.

Think over if we can be something like in near future ?

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