March 12, 2010

New definitions to Fairness & Trust

Very interesting move by the school management, am sure we all realised by now !

1. School has started distributing copies of the AP High Court order (of Niraj Public School) which says the GO has been suspended for four weeks, dated 22nd January, 2010.

What is the real motive behind this & what does it mean to us ?
The circular issued to us for payment of additional fee says GO is ineffective & the GO copies being distributed by school says it has been suspended for 4weeks. So, if the GO comes back, it is a clear message from school management that they would refund/adjust the additional fee being collected. Why this short gap arrangement & why not wait for few more weeks, till court finally comes with their decision, as the school managements case is due for hearing any time now ?

2. School has facilitated the vendor to sell books directly to the parents & the fact is that they've used divide & rule policy, with slight modification this year "divide the cost & make more money"

Came up with a wonderful idea of asking the vendor to sell books at cost price & with a note that talks about additional price to be paid in June 2010 for the freebies that were given to parents till last year !

Is this transparency, openness, fairness or what is it ? School management looks like it has decided to only squeeze parents in all possible ways & means with no humanitarian grounds or re-define their own motto "Service before Self"

We appreciated them & wouldn't take back our words or what ever & we're confident one day school management would realise that parents are equal partners in bringing up of the school in every possible parameter.

After all we parents, are not against any developmental activities in the school or against any such activity that would make management feel let down financially. Our agenda, from the very first day, has been treat us as equal partners & we all go together leaps & bounds. 

We've agreed to pay the differential fee this year, as asked by the school & it is being done under protest just to make sure management doesn't come with any such new ideas like above that would look mean.

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  1. I would also like you all to raise the following points: There were no Picnics this year, nor was any sports day organized. Where was the annual day? They have taken advantage of Bandhs, but how many bandhs were there, hardly 8-10. What about the other days? They have the reason that the fees collected was less, so no Picnics, but now shrewdly they have collected the fees. What about our children, will they get back those picnics, those preparations and practices and those sports day and annual day celebrations? Every year all the parents of all classes were called at times during the class assembly. This time that was also missing. MOST important the graduation ceremony of PREP children was also missing. Will the children who have moved out of Prep now be able to get that back. That glitter on their faces in the graduation day dress?????