March 01, 2010

Combined GBM of DPSHPA & DPaS

Thanks to over 80 odd parents who have come forward & spent few hours of their personal time to share their feelings, thoughts & suggestion on way forward for our functioning & further steps.
  • We all have agreed that today we're not figting against school management or teachers but to bring up an open minded relationship that would be for mutual benefit & achieve what a true India Guru-Shisya mode of teaching is all about
  • We only demand what is right for all of us & we want school management to treat us atleast equal partners ifn't as stake holders in true sense
  • We've been demanding transperancy in school operations & wouldn't want school to bleed in turn effecting any of the facilities or quality that were the prime parameters of we choosing the school while taking admission in the school for our children
  • We want to support the school in every possible angle that we as parents can contribute to or support in bettering
With the above objectives in mind from day one & even today we continue our activities & plan any future activities in decensy & decoram in the best interest of our the partners in progress.

Many transactions were discussed & the same can be shared from your nearest representative who attended the meeting. We look forward for much better response for our next meetings to be planned very shortly.

DPSHPA (DPS Hyderabad) members would be meeting on 7th March, 2010 (coming SUnday) @ 10AM in Vengal Rao Park, Rd No 1, Banjara Hills.


  1. What will you do exactly with the money collected?

  2. The accounts statement is being posted, periodically. Every paise collected is being used for the cause, its being taken for. Feel free to write to us in person on for further information.