March 23, 2010

Note from HSPA : What can your Rs 500 or USD 10 do for parents in India ?

We’re sure you know about GO_MS_91 and how HSPA worked relentlessly in 2009 with late CM YSR and his team to get this GO rolled out in the larger interest of parents in AP state. Private Un-aided schools (Like DPS, Meridian, Chirec, Niraj, St Andrew’s, Pricess Esin and Nalanda) could not take this possibility of REGULATORS in education sector and challenged the GO and managed to get 4 weeks temporary suspension of GO_MS_91 so that the case can be heard with their perspective.

But just with the news of 4 weeks temporary suspension of GO_MS_91, all schools had started raising their fees again without any fear of regulation. Some schools had even sent “revised written circulars” with a fee being revised twice within a same academic year. The hikes generally across the city for 2010 -11 is pegged currently at 5- 23%.

HSPA has been included in this case as a body representing the interest of parents across the Greater Hyderabad City. The case was heard on last Tuesday in AP High Court with Schools, AP Government and HSPA as 3 parties. Last hearing continued for 1.5 hours & had gone very positive around Government’s role to review/ regulate Fee “yearly hike” in Private –unaided schools also. CBSE/ ICSE/ IB etc are all affiliation bodies and have no role around administrative governance.

HSPA had hired the services of a very prestigious “Designated Senior Counsel” who has been “Ex Advocate General” and looking at how he had contested the case on last Tuesday with his team, all the Schools have now merged their 9 legal teams to contest this case an additionally hired AP HC Senior Counsel and 2 Supreme Court counsels being called from Delhi to contest this on next Tuesday March 30th. Based on how fast its going, Our counsel feel that the case may be wrapped up within next 15 days, as against our earlier expectation of 2-3 years.

If HSPA alongwith AP Government is successful in retaining the sanctity of GO_MS_91, then you can be assured that you will continue to get quality education but will not be at the ransom of the school for “take it or leave it” stand!!!



  1. Parents please note, many schools like Meridian & Chirec have threatened parents who raised their voices against poor management & educational standard vs fee charged. They are asking us to withdraw the kids from the school or face consequences. They are condoning mistreatment by other kids & also by individual teachers. How can we bring this to the notice of higher ups?

  2. Few schools have taken aggressive stand & the parents did complain which has been taken up very seriously by the authorities. We can complain to DEO or SHRC as per the need. HSPA does what is good for all schools on a larger scale & that avoids direct contacts with one or few school managements for you. Visit