March 12, 2010

One more first to DPSs credit

We all should appreciate & thank our school management for coming up with an innovative idea of facilitating the sale of books & stationery by the vendor directly, in the school campuses. This has helped parents save quite a bit of hard earned money. We're sure the school would come forward with many such ideas, choices & options to parents, in coming years.

From parents side, we would like to inform you that, based on suggestions from our legal counsels & well wishers, we should go ahead & pay the differential (incremental) fee, as per the challans issued to us. You may note that we've written to school, to allow parents pay up before 20th March with out levying any penalties, due to holidays. You may read this as a gesture by parents not to obstruct any developmental activities in school, as management claims & to ensure our commitment for overall development in our school, as equal partners.

However you may note that this is being paid in protest without any prejudice & with a clause to be refunded against any government/court orders in near future. We're sure this would be a fair deal for the school & parents.

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