October 23, 2009

School responded positively on Parents concerns

Thanks to those thirty plus parents who managed to spare one hour from their busy schedule, to be at school to meet the school administration on the two concerns we had, today morning.

Good news is that, the forward looking administration of the school has already taken action on the concerns raised
- mosquito coils were procured & pest control will be done now twice a weeks to ensure children are in protected environment while in school
- toilets will now be cleaned more frequently & soaps are being provided

It maybe noted that the school administration has promised to do what all of us feel is good for everyone on the above. However as parents we need to ensure the following requests from school are complied with for better management of the above
- since school has indian type toilets, lets all teach our children as to how they're used & flushed. It is found most children who normally use flush, get shyed away to pour water before & after use, which inturn is causing the stink
- ensure you child carries a napkin &/or handkerchief for better hygiene
- teach your child the need & use of soap sparingly. this ensures cut wastage of the soap being provided

We sincerely do hope we ensure & re-iterate that our children are educated on the above, which we hope will bring in a vast difference in coming months. DPaS thanks the school management & administration for accepting our concerns & for taking action very quickly.

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