October 24, 2009

Important notice to DPaS members

It has come to our notice that some Parent managed to pick up photos of untidy toilets & threatened the school administration that he/she will go to media & hand over the photographs.

DPaS condemns such blackmail acts & request that parent to resist from doing any such act in future. You may all note that school has accepted & done enough to ensure the required are as required. Lets be patient enough as school management & administration have assured that in case of any shortfall, they'll positively look into the same. Lets have faith & trust in each other, for we're in holy alliance & DPaS - always been saying, from day one, that we're here to work with school & not against.

Parents, trust & faith in each other will only take us on to the right path & for longer periods. Lets try & achieve excellence & not aim at instant results.

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