October 20, 2009

How long do we take this ?

DPaS from the time of inception had only one goal to help management, teachers & administration the school provide better environment, academics, extra curricular activities & over all development of the children studying in the school, that would help India in years to come.

Today, after repeated requests to school, we still have few basics amenities for the children to be set right.

1. We find the toilets in in such a pathetic condition that many children today avoid using them & in turn ending up getting urinary related infections or stop/reduce water intake.
- Do they really need to do this, when we as parents are paying such huge amounts as fees year on year ? or does school dis-owns the responsibility of providing clean toilets with basic requirements like regular cleaning, availability of running water or soap etc?

2. Mosquito bites have increased & in last many months, in spite of requests, no major action has been taken by school & today the effect being, many children have fallen sick with high temperatures.
- A school of DPS stature can't afford basic pest control & provide classrooms which are free from such aliens?

We as concerned parents feel the above needs to be addressed on top priority by school management without any further delay. After all why does the society give DPS Secunderabad a step brother treatment compared to Hyderabad campus ? We're paying the same fee (maybe yes, 2K less annual fee) as them with almost 50% of facilities.

Parents, are you still waiting for heavens to come & protect our children from these?
How long can we take this ?

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