August 21, 2009

Support required from Doctors


We all know that the entire country is worried too much on Swine Flu today. Today its beyond questioning as to whether its epidemic or not but our intentions should be to prevent this spreading across, in the environment that we can control to our extent meaning lets do our bit of effort & leave the rest.

As you all know DPaS has been formed with the only intention of contributing to what will help the parents & the school, we now want to help the school management our bit of support. We very well know that our school management & teachers are doing everything possible to ensure this doesn't happen in the school, however many parents kept on raising this our our curiosity or what ever.

Now the request is for the Medical Doctors in our association to come forward & share their expertise with school on top most priority. In this regards, we request those parents who are practising medical doctors to come forward & join us help the school authorities in helping all of us.

Send in your contact details to