August 07, 2009

Schools asked to retain old fees

HyderabadAug. 6: The state government issued orders on Thursday evening restructuring fee in private schools. For the time being, schools have been asked to collect the fee fixed in the previous academic year until the District Fee Regulatory Committee (DFRC) approves the revised fee for this year.
As per the order, private schools should only collect only a one-time fee that includes application fee amounting to Rs 100 and registration fee not exceeding Rs 500. They can also collect a refundable caution deposit not exceeding Rs 5,000 which has to be duly approved by the DFRC. No other fee by any name whatsoever shall be charged as a one-time measure.
The tuition fee shall be fixed based on the salaries paid to the teachers and staff, retirement benefits, running expenditure, infrastructure and facilities available. It shall be collected in not less than three instalments Fee linked to non-academic activities will be optional for students and shall not be part of the tuition fee Sale of books, notebooks and stationery at school counter, if any, shall be made at a discount. Otherwise, the school should notify at least three shops where text books, note books, stationery are available.
The order also states that students should not be compelled to purchase uniforms from the school. Further, the transportation fee shall be fixed with a slab of 5 km.
Though the five-member committee appointed by the government to restructure fee in private schools submitted its report on July 3, the government failed to issue orders so far. However, with protests from students and parents increasing, it issued orders on Thursday. Further, they have also been advised against issuing advertisements about their results and using names such as IIT Olympiad/ Concept/ e-Techno/ e-shastra and the like. If schools collect more than the fee approved by the DFRC, it shall be treated as capitation fee and management shall be liable for action. The recognition granted to the school and NOC issued shall be withdrawn after giving due notice.
The school shall submit statements along with proposed fee structure to DFRC before the September 30 for approval. The fee structure approved by the DFRC shall be valid for three academic years but managements may increase fee every year based on the inflation rate. However, DFRC also reserves the right to review its decision.