September 13, 2009

Whats missing ?

We do hope the parents have paid the second term fee of their wards as per the challans issued reflecting that of last year fee, as the note from school along with the challan said - as per GO MS91.

Now, some where something is missing @ DPaS ???
You read it right ... due to various reasons the except for Hygienic activity we somehow lost our larger goal ... not to say that each of us has dropped it off but its in silos meaning in individual minds. Need of the hour is to get these back on larger gathering. Take take this further, we have 2 ideas that has come forward from various parents who are in constant touch ..

1. The festival season is starting in couple of weeks from now. Can we look at a contribution from DPaS in terms of what ever each of you feel, to be donated to Ayyamma's who are taking care of those little one's through their school time ? Remember they're the lowest paid & we look at them in the hour of need & why not a thank you note to them ? Off course it'll go through only if the school administration has no objection to it.

2. General body meeting : Forgotten for sometime now, has to be revived. When & where suggestions are most welcomed.

3. DPaS believes in do that little extra bit for society ... what can you do now?