September 15, 2009

The Joy of giving !!!

Coming in next few days are our Ramzan-Dasara festive season. This is the time we can multiply our joy by sharing with those unfortunate or the dear one's with whatever we can.

As you all know most of the times our kids in the schools are taken care by Ayyamma's - those lovely ladies, share their love to the kids through the day, when in need.

We had few discussions & came up with an idea of sharing some gifts to those ladies on 18th September, when school normally does some activity for them. As parents (voluntary & at your will) can come forward & do your little bit by either or/and contributing say small amount of Rs 100 / share a saree (that you may no longer use & should be a new one, excuse us for not accepting used one's). Just look it as a good will gesture to them & by no means is mandated on any of you.

You may reach Aruna @ 9949600091 or Ravi @ 9346215678 for more details. You may also email us @ or