September 23, 2009

Citizen opinion on GO MS No. 1, Education (PS 2) Dated 01-01-1994

Please find below the press note released by GoAP, inviting citizens to voice their opinion on various rules that should be mandated to better the educations system in AP. Time for all of us individual send our concerns in terms of suggestions. What more can you expect from the Government. Friends now the onus is on us to take the societal responsibility on our shoulders & provide the valuable suggestions & hope for the best. FYI press note is given below & you may download the complete document from GoAP site as detailed.

Press Note

Citizen opinion on
GO MS No. 1, Education (PS 2) Dated 01-01-1994
(Andhra Pradesh Educational Institute (Establishment, Recognition, Administration, and Control of schools under Private Management - Rules, 1993)

Government vide GO MS No. 1, dated 01-01-1994, as amended from time to time, have issued rules detailing process for granting permission, recognition and management of Private schools. There is general feeling that these rules needs modification to simplify process, minimize entry barriers and make it more citizen friendly. Use of Information technology should also be explored for making process convenient, transparent and accountable.

Hence now, feedback/suggestion/opinion is requested from citizens on GO MS 1, dated 01-01-1994 as amended from time to time. Citizens are requested, to the extent possible, to give their opinion on each and every section (Clause) of the GO. Copy of GO amended up to 17-08-2009 is placed at home page under caption ‘What is new’.

Citizens can send their views in writing to Commissioner & Director School Education Hyderabad through post or through email at

We encourage citizen to use email mode for simplicity and convenience.

Last date for sending feedback is September 30, 2009.

Suresh Chanda
Secretary, Secondary Education
3rd Floor, J Block, AP SecretariatHyderabad.