July 13, 2009

HSPA car campaign email

Communication to parents who's email IDs either bounced or mis spelled.


You would’ve seen clippings in some of the Telugu TV channels on Saturday evening & sometime on Sunday as well on the Car Poster Rally by HSPA. This was done just to keep up the momentum going in the general public & unfortunately due to non-availability of permission to gather large numbers on a Saturday evening @ necklace road has forced us to have little over 20 cars gathering for media to take up this cause for us. Anyways, now friends its your turn to keep this rolling.

HSPA (Hyderabad Schools Parents' Association) has been taking various initiatives to raise voice against the Unjustified Fee Hikes in Private Schools; all these initiatives have been supported by all parents. Now, in continuation to spread the message we now bring you a novel idea ‘THE HSPA CAR CAMPAIGN’. This campaign has been launched on 11th July, 2009 evening by organizing a rally at Necklace Road.

What is this campaign about?
HSPA has created posters with four messages; these posters are attached to this email in pdf (acrobat reader) format, for jpg images visit www.mspa.co.in title 'The HSPA Car Campaign'. You are now expected to download & take a print of any of these posters in B&W or Color depending on your convenience and paste it up on the Rear/Front glass of your car. Rear glass will give better visibility while you drive around.

How will this help?
It would immediately give visibility on the streets wherever we travel. Concerned parents would get to know that there are many more parents who are a part of this movement and the e-mail id can help us bring more parents together. Apart from parents, this will be seen by the Government bodies too and so would reinforce our message that we want a just answer.

What are the other benefits?
Not all parents can participate all the time. Circumstances sometimes constraint the participation even when one wishes to. We have had many mails expressing regret that they could not participate for the rally or for the meet. This simple poster stuck on the car can help every parent to raise their voices against the unjustified fee hike while moving in the car. This will be the first of its kind of campaign and so will bring great visibility. Every parent can now participate.

What else can be done?
Every parent can also contribute to this activity by sending these posters to as many parents that they would know of and encouraging them to put up the poster on their cars. This will increase participation and multiply the message in terms of reach.

Now, is the time for every parent to express his participation, all that is required is to take a print of the posters attached and paste it on their car. You do care for it right? Whoz stopping you for your right to express - hurry up & show it up.

Do your bit, take the print and paste it on your car now!

Thanks and Regards,
General Secretary
DPS Parents Association, Secunderabad (DPaS)
– Where social commitment matters.

A leading member of Hyderabad Schools Parents Association (HSPA)

PS: Safety while driving is important, please do not stick the poster is such fashion that it restricts your sight while driving. Ideally poster can go on the left top corner of the front glass from the inside and a second one on the rear glass.