July 20, 2009

Whats happening @ DPaS

1. At this moment DPaS team is engaged along with few other associations in strengthening HSPA activities to ensure the Fee Regulatory Committee recommendation's turn up into a GO, so as to have a moral win over the unjustified fee hikes by schools across AP.

2. The court case is still as is where is & we're trying to get a hearing on this keep moving, at last this needs to come to a logical conclusion, as mind we have our 2nd term fee fast catching up in a week or so .....

3. Response for adding new members has been pathetic (no mincing of words) & be assured as warned earlier, should the legal battle gets in our favor only a small fraction of the school of 1800+ are tend to get benefited. This will be a failure for DPaS team inspite of a win, which we're unable to digest & request parents to come in numbers & get yourself registered. Leave a message with details on dpssecunderabad@gmail.com & we'll get back to you, to complete registration.

4. Whats happening to the volunteers for the planned sub committees to ensure we contribute to our schools development ? Had confirmations from less than 20 people & is this all we have for a justifiable cause ?

Think over parents, this is for each & every child of yours & is not a few, as things happen in closed environment everywhere ... lets give the best to every single child in this school ....