July 04, 2009

Committee recomends for Parents in AP

  • You stood by braving the hot summer sun for days together like nomads ?
  • You stood by the core team working for you, in every step forward.
  • You said we're fighting not against an individual but for creating a better society in this nation.
  • You only wanted what is the best & value for money to your child & the future of this country.
Never mind what every one felt, we stood, braved & showed the world what we can all together can do. The committee formed by the AP State Government had given recommendations, which came open in the press stood almost close to what we wanted. Congratulations to all Parents for making this moral boosting win & remember the fight is much bigger now as we inch closer to the real win.
For those of you who missed it, below are the links for various news papers in English & Telugu which carried the news in Prime pages today.

Now the way to win - Only you can do it now.
Please gather in large numbers tomorrow ie
5th July, 2009 @ CMs Camp Office at 8AM
(near Pulla Reddy Sweets, Greenlands, Somajiguda)
Who knows this may be the last chance for us to make this report into a G.O & mind this is for all schools in the state & any school parent is invited ... spread, gather & come without any excuse.