April 30, 2009

From the President's desk

Dear Parents,
We know that many of you are worried about the final fee date and what to do and what not to do ?
Rightfully so, you are the architect of your child's future and our best investment in our life span should be our children's education.
Was parents association have no right to ask any of you to play with your child's future.
However we would like to bring your attention to the following points.

1. The management has promised that 5-10% hike may be expected per year in their prospectus, but they never respected their own promise made to parents thru prospectus and increased the fee 15%, 20% and 35% approximately. Now our only question is what is the increase next year ? and next to next year ?

We are very sure that you all can pay the fee now, but are you sure that you can continue to pay the fee every year with 50% or 60 % raise for 10 years ?
If you pay the 35% hiked fee now, it means we are giving a blank cheque to the school, Giving them all the permissions to take us for granted.

2. Don't think that the protest is related with affordability, certainly not. Our protest is a fight between just and unjust acts. By paying the hiked fee, we are promoting unjust acts. If we don't strengthen our association, then there will be no association to take care of our justified needs with school management. So paying fee means supporting unjustified acts, pls. choose between just and unjust acts for today, tomorrow and hence forth.

3. May be one of our relative or close friend was made redundant ( lost job ), having two kids in DPS, lot commitments to fulfil ( Car loan, House loan etc...). Making the end meet itself becomes difficult during this recession period, how can they pay additional 35%+ 35% as fee hike. Don't you help your friend in need and fight for justification? we are very sure that you will.

4. Last but not the least, The original last date was April 15th, now we are hearing April 30, again we are hearing May 7th ......etc.....

Pls. don't get disturbed by this dates, these are the dates to fulfil managements greediness. We also have our own dates, We are all out of station for summer vacation, so we can't pay. Education is fundamental right and they can't ask for fee during summer vacation. Let the Climate cool down, then we will think about it when we reach some amicable solution and assurances from management that they will discuss with PTA before they resort to this type of fee hikes.

" Jo Dar gaya samjho vo margaya " as Gabbar says.

Pls. do what your conscience says, at the end of the day we are answerable to our own self, no one else.

Pls. visit for latest dpssecunderabad.blogspot..com/

Jai Ho.

Yesterdays Indian express carried this article

FIGHTING FOR A CAUSE: Members of ABVP hold a protest rally before the office of the director of school education against the increase of fee in variou

Todays Times of India, Hyderabad carried this.
This is for everyone's information & we don't intend to color our righfull protests.

Schools in trouble over fee hike

All public schools in Delhi that have increased fees without a general body meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) will have to roll back the hike.
In a circular issued on Wednesday, the Education Department has asked all erring schools to call a general body meeting of the PTA within 30 days, and send a copy of the resolution to the department.
“Many schools have either not called a PTA meeting or called just the executive committee of the PTA, which has limited members and consulted parents favourable to their cause,” said Education Secretary Rina Ray. “Such schools will have to roll back the fee hike till they call a general body meeting,” Ray said.
Many schools such as Ramjas School, Anand Parbat and Army Public School have rolled back the fee hike after being issued show cause notices by the Delhi government.


April 29, 2009

Management met us today

Prior to the commitment that management gave us (30th April, 2009) they did meet us today. By surprise they called up few parents & asked us to meet them at DPS Hyderabad school in a short notice of about one & half hours.
Six parents (Ramakrishna, Ravi Kumar, Satyanarayana, Ranga Rao, Sridevi & Aruna) met the management Mr. Y. Umanadh, Mr. UV Gamesh & Mrs Shailaja Gopinath met up at about 1700hrs & the meeting lasted for about one hour.
DPaS has put forward the agenda as only role back of fees & various other issues cropped up during the discussions, which was due to cross discussions & a union follower joining in as no man.
Final word has been spelt by Mr. Y Umanadh that school is in no mood to reduce any further fees & parents are free to take TC & leave. Its surprising to note that they insisted us to believe that the secunderabad school is making a loss of over Rs 1crore every year for last many years (they did tell us that we can bring our auditors to cross check this) & this increase has been neccesiated due to the mandate by DPS Society to implement the 6th pay commission + 10% more pay hike to the teachers. Why 10% more than 6th pay commission hike? That's DPS Society's mandate as per the management.
Now that the decision from management has come, its our turn to choose the various options we have to right for justice & not to forget to have mutual trust, to take our school to the top league.

April 28, 2009

Protest on 30th April, 2009 @ 08.15 AM

Dear Friends
First lets us all appreciate Mr. Ramakrishna for taking all the pains in getting our association registered. Copy of the registration certificate is available on our blog site (dpssecunderabad.blogspot.com). This is, by no doubts, our 2nd step of SUCCESS. First one being the role back of transportation fee & removal of activity fee.
After 180 odd parents braved the summer heat on 24th April, 2009 the management agreed to give us their decision on or before 30th April, 2009 ie the day after. Nothing is heard from them as of now & it’s the time we put pressure on them. We need to assemble back in large numbers on 30th April, 2009 @ 08.15 AM at the school campus without fail & show them that we’re united till we get our demands settled, no matter what it takes.
Just a recap of our activities, it all started with
- 3 people meeting & trying to mobilize the force against the schools unilateral decisions on 2nd April, 2009
- It transpired into a team of over 40 parents joining together by 6th April, 2009
- Which swelled to over 250 in number by 8th April, 2009(inspite of rain) & mind this is when the real pressure was on the school management
- School management got back to us on 11th April with an offer of rolling back the transportation fee to that of last year & removal of activity fee. We still, with a support of over 400 parents, said we need complete role back of fees
- 13th April we met again & had close to 200 parents spending the Monday morning blues in front of the school awaiting some response from school
- 18th April, we met the school management representative & gave our ultimatum to accept our demands & insisted that we’ll meet management directly. It was a huge pressure created on management to act by over 250 odd parents gathering & supported by media (TV & Paper). DPS Hyderabad has their show of strength at the school campus separately.
- On 21st April school decided to prepone the holidays to the children, instead of planned 24th April, 2009. This was schools managements response to our agitation !!!
- 24th April, 2009 over 180 odd parents gathered & the pressure was back on management to come forward to our demands ?
They bought time till 30th April, 2009 to respond, assuming the entire unity would dilute due to start of summer holidays & am sure we can brave & show up in large numbers again.
Please spread, join & be for the 30th April protest at school by 08.15AM. Mind we now have choice of weapons to use & not our silent protests alone.

Our Association Registration Certificate

From our President's desk..

Dear Parents,

First of all We would like to thank our Parents who supplied cool drinks to us on 24th, it is really a good move and sort of encouragement for our next GBM on 30th, that some soft drinks will be definitely there.

It was a great day for us on 24th, especially our Ladies team, who could dare 42 Deg C for 4 hours and shout slogans, Thank you all and would like to see you all on 30th at 8:15 AM.

As the heading says, The heat is still on, we got our association registered and we can go to court with this. Pls. visit http://www.dpssecunderabad.blogspot.com/ for latest always.
Got to know that Management is planning to call our association members for talks on 29th possibly, so the " HEAT IS STILL ON ", Please keep it up.

As of now we are meeting on 30th at 8:15 AM for all good news.
Last but not the Least " Please don't Pay the Fee till the issue is resolved "

Wishing all Goodluck,
Jai Ho !!!

April 27, 2009

DPaS is now registered


Good news is that our association is now registered & please check this place tomorrow for the registration details.

We're now geared up for the next level of our relationship with school. Just a recap that our association is formed to help our school to be among the best. Parents, Management & Teachers have equal responsibility in this & our association will have representation from Management & Teachers of the school.

April 24, 2009

We braved the summer heat today morning

Today morning we had a protest infront of the school & it was a show of our unity again with over 180 plus parents joining the movement braving the summer heat.

Please find the minutes of meeting for the same.

Just to answer, as to what is behind the proposed logo ???
- DPS our school identity is intact as we all belong to that
- "a" shows that we stand for children studying in the school. Blowing it up over DPS means its a umbrella & stands for parents showing their concern & gratitude to the school where our children belong to.
- Colors just show that its for unity in diversity & means we're multi-dimensional & are aspiring to be the best.

Our association is being formed with a single agenda to be equal partners in the overall development of our school.

Protest for fee role back is by the way & such unilateral decisions will be protested even in future.

Association will work in tandem with school for mutual benefit.

Lets await the school managements decision & discussion before we take next course of action & just to bring to notice of all the parents once again that we have multiple choices to proceed further & we're committed to reach our goals.

April 23, 2009

Fee hike: Govt to rescue of parents in Gurgaon (ToI, New Delhi)

GURGAON: In what has come as a relief for the parents of Delhi Public School (DPS) students in Gurgaon, the district administration has asked them to deposit the old fee with the school and said they could do so through demand drafts. Gurgaon sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) Shakti Singh made the suggestion after the parents alleged that the school was refusing to take the old fee and that the institution had not rolled back its fee hike.
The SDM had asked schools not to implement the hiked fee structure from April at a meeting of representatives from approximately 50 schools and parents bodies on March 30. He had asked private schools to present their detailed expenditure by April end and till that time schools were asked to avoid implementing the new fee structure.
However, affected parents alleged that the school management had hiked the tuition fee, bus fee and arrears. "The fee book issue by the school also has a caution notice to parents warning them that if we fail to pay the revised fee by the due date, the school shall charge Rs 100 as penalty per day. They have also warned if students do not pay the enhanced fee by the month end their names would be struck off the rolls,'' alleged an affected parent.
Parents also complained that the school did not display Form-6 and a copy of their expenditure (balance sheet) on their notice board and neither gave a copy to parents as was decided on March 30 meeting.
Singh said, "I have asked the district education officer to look into the matter. But going by the parents' complaints and proofs, it is a clear case of mistrust between the school management and parents since as it was decided in the meeting that no private school would increase the fee before a final decision is taken involving school management and parents.''
Meanwhile, chairman, DPS managing committee, (Gurgaon), Pramod Grover said that he was not aware of the developments since he was out of the city. "I have been told by the principal that they are formulating a new fee structure. We will get to know in a few days,'' he added.

...But BJP stokes fee hike fire (ToI, New Delhi)

NEW DELHI : They were nowhere to be seen when the fee hike decision was taken on February 11. Two months down the line, all of them have suddenly become sworn champions of parents' rights.
Quick to detect the immense emotional connect the issue has with large numbers o voters, BJP candidates like Vijender Gupta, Meera Kawaria and Chetan Chauhan have been fanning the angst of parents and leading anti-fee hike demonstrations turning what till now was essentially an issue affecting just some sections of the city into a major poll issue.
Emboldened parents are openly confronting the school authorities without the fear of any classroom consequences on their children. After a string of protests in Vikaspuri, Rajendra Nagar, Paschim Vihar, parents again put across their resentment on Wednesday by protesting outside the Summer Fields School in Kailash Colony, Sachdeva Public School in Rohini and Mahavir Senior Model School at GT Road. The candidates not just participated but even spearheaded some of these protests.
The BJP candidates specially seem to believe in the adage `what goes around, comes around.' This probably explains the reason for their unwavering support to the jittery parents in the matter of fee hike allowed by the Delhi government. Vijendra Gupta, who is also the president of the Delhi Abhibhavak Mahasangh, said, "The parents' problem is genuine. Many of them cannot afford the exhorbitant school fees now. We have not taken up the issue because of elections but to help the parents. These parents are innocent anddo not belong to any political party.''
Gupta had joined the parents in a massive protest at Jantar Mantar on April 10. He had been visiting parents in Anand Parbat and Vikaspuri and also staged a dharna on the GT Karnal Road on Tuesday with other parents.
Chauhan, who is contesting for the Lok Sabha seat from east Delhi, also lent an ear to the parents complaining of unreasonable hike in the school fees. He said, "The complaints of the parents are completely justified. The school administrations have become uncontrolled because of the failure of the government.'' Chauhan had met the parents and schoolchildren on Tuesday during his padyatra through Jhilmil Colony, Vishwakarma Nagar and Vivek Vihar.
Congress candidates, however, maintain that the fee hike was imminent and it was unfair to link the issue with elections. The Sixth Pay Commission had increased the salaries of teachers, which caused the fee to hike. Ajay Maken, Congress candidate from New Delhi said, "I know that the fee hike has pinched the pockets of many parents. But any political party in power would have done what we did. When BJP was in power after the Fifth Pay Commission, it had approved 40% hike in the tuition fee. We have only allowed an increase of just 20-25%.''
Maken added that most people in his constituency were central government employees and their education allowance per child had increased from Rs 50 to Rs 1000 per child per month. "So they won't have a problem as their needs had been taken care of,'' Maken added. Mahabal Mishra, Congress candidate from West Delhi too said, "The fee hike is not an issue according to me. I would not like to comment on it.''

Todays Deccan Chronicle

Please make sure you join the protest tomorrow @ 08.15AM at our school.

April 22, 2009

Request to Parents | Please join us

While we’ve been pushing the school management very hard to accept our demands for over 2weeks now, it has been a mixed luck for us.
- Major achievement for us has been the waiving of the proposed activity fees & role back of transportation fees to that of last year.
- DPS Parents Association Secunderabad (DPaS) has been formed & the registration process is on & we should get our registration details in next 3-4days.
- Our protest (with added support from similar protest by DPS Hyderabad on 18th April, 2009) has been widely covered by media - Telugu news channels inews, ETV2, Gemini, TV1 on 18th itself & by print media(Hindu, Times of India & Eenadu) the next day has put enough pressure on the school management.
- Result of which : School management was very forward looking & preponed the last working day from 24th April, 2009.
This is like a stick & banana theory which most of us aware of. Now the onus lies on us as to how do we take this further & put more pressure on the school management to accept our nominal demands, by any standards, in view of the present economic conditions prevailing across the globe.
Are alone in this battle?
Now, we have support from various schools in the city, to name few Meridian School, Niraj Public School, Sunflower School, Cals Public School, Glendale, Chirec, DPS Hyderabad etc. The process of forming a larger body called “Hyderabad Schools Parent Association” which will be a mother body of all individual schools association is already getting shaped up.
This is a movement for rightful demands & is being made only to make our commercial minded school managements to think of the future of this country & society. Please do keep in mind that the association will work for over all betterment of school for our children, school management & teachers once the main goal is achieved. We’ll be equal partners in over all betterment of our society through this association.
To make this happen please make sure you spread this word, join & make it a grand success on 24th April, 2009 @ 08.15 AM
Lets all gather in large numbers & make this movement a success…

April 20, 2009

DPS Secunderabad prepones holidays from 25th April to 21st April onwards !!!

Surprise move from school management preponing the holidays from 21st April, 2009 instead of planned 25th April onwards .... whats our read on this ???

Please spread & join this movement. A reminder that 24th April, 2009 meeting at 08.00 am @ school premises holds.

April 19, 2009


The other web pages where you can get information are

Its changing from a movement to epidemic !

Imagine when 200 plus parents each at DPS Hyderabad & Secunderabad protested in scroching summer heat, what is likely to happen ?

Media attention ?? Rightly said,

Its has been a great day for all of us getting such a huge attention by media at both Hyderabad & Secunderabad campuses. This coupled with the push from Hyderabad Schools Parents Association push to get attention from various angles of society.

For every one's benefit, we had a coverage telecasted by ETV2, iNews, TV1 yesterday on our protest in their bulletins. Today it was turn of the print media with Hindu, Times of India & Eenadu covering up our misery ..... displayed here are the snap shots of their coverage .... lets keep up the tempo & make sure every parents support us in our next activities ...

April 18, 2009

A new milestone in our movement reached today!!!

Thanks to all the parents who managed to beat the heat & created the heat on the school management by gathering at school this morning.
For the benefit of all, please find the minutes of meeting signed off by the school today. Now its on each one of us to get our figures crossed & wait for 24th April, 2009 to hear what the school management has to say. One thing is for sure, the more the number of us gathering there, the more will be the pressure on management to role back unjustified fee hike.

Few points from the "CBSE - Affiliation bye laws" are as below
(some one wanting the complete document can email me or leave a comment with your email ID & it'll reach you)
7. Financial Resources
1. The school must have sufficient financial resources to guarantee its continued existence.It should have permanent source of income to meet the running expenses of the school so as to maintain it at a reasonable standard of efficiency, to pay salaries to teachers and other categories of staff regularly at least at par with the corresponding categories in the State Government Schools and to undertake improvement/development of school facilities.In case of institutions which are in the receipt of grant-in-aid from the State Government/U.T. the permanent Source of income shall include the amount of grant-in-aid also
2. No part of income from the institution shall be diverted to any individual in the Trust/Society/School Management Committee or to any other person. The savings, if any,after meeting the recurring and non-recurring expenditure and contributions to developmental, depreciation and contingency funds may be further utilized for promoting the school. The accounts should be audited and certified by a Chartered Accountant and proper accounts statements should be prepared as per rules. A copy each of the Statement of Accounts should be sent to the Board every year.
3. The channelling of funds by the management to person(s) or enterprise other than for furthering education in the school will contravene the rules governing affiliation and call for appropriate action by the Board.

11. Fees
1. Fees charges should be commensurate with the facilities provided by the institution. Fees should normally be charged under the heads prescribed by the Department of Education of the State/U.T. for schools of different categories. No capitation fee or voluntary donations for gaining admission in the school or for any other purpose should be charged / collected in the name of the school. In case of such malpractices, the Board may take drastic action leading to disaffiliation of the school.
2. In case a student leaves the school for such compulsion as transfer of parents or for health reason or in case of death of the student before completion of the session,prorata return of quarterly/term/annual fees should be made.
3. The unaided schools should consult parents through parents’ representatives before revising the fees. The fee should not be revised during the mid session.

19. Role/Aims of Society/Trust
ii) It shall ensure that the school is run as a community service and not as a business and that commercialization does not take place in the school in any shape whatsoever.

20. School Managing Committee, Its Constitution,Power and Functions
The school managing committee should consist of the following :—
(a) the managing committee of a recognised aided school shall consist of not more thanf ifteen members; and the managing committee of a private unaided school shall consist of not more than twenty one members;
(b) subject to the total number of members specified in clause (a), every managing committee shall include the following namely:—
(i) the Head of the school. He will be a Member Secretary of the School Managing Committee;
(ii) two parents of students in the school;
(iii) two teachers of the schools;
(iv) two other persons (of whom one shall be women); who are, or have been,teachers of any other school or of any college, to be nominated by the Trust/Society/Board;(v) two members, from out of a panel recommended by the Trust/Society to be nominated by the Board. If the Panel is not accepted fresh panel may be asked.The names recommended should not below the rank of a Principal of a Sr. Sec.School;
(vi) the remaining members to be nominated or elected as the case may be, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the society or trust by which the school is run.
(vii) Not more than two members may be nominated as per the conditions, if any,laid down in the “No Objection Certificate”.Provided further that the above provisions shall be implemented with immediate effect and those affiliated earlier and not complying with above provisions shall be required to take remedial measures with suitable qualified substitutes within a year positively.
(viii) *No Head Master/Principal shall be appointed in the school who is related to any member of the School Managing Committee.
(ix) For the purpose of this rule, the relation includes the following Brothers, Sisters,Husband, Wife, Son ,Daughter, Son-in-law, Daughter-in-law. Provided further that any violation of rules will lead to the disaffiliation of the school.
And not to forget the same points reiterated by the DoE circular, as in my previous posting below.
Now, parents lets unite & show the world that we're not here to lie down & take what ever are whims & fancies of the management. If they trust us & make us equal partners, we're there of the betterment of the school that's bringing up the future of this world !!!

April 17, 2009

Parents come in full strength

This will motivate all of us be together & fight for what we've been doing for last 10days. Your presence tomorrow will make whole lot of difference to all of us. Thanks to Sai who provided us the info as above .... spread, inform & intimate as many as possible


April 16, 2009

Parents are requested to update the database

Its very important for us that we have the complete database of the parents of our school. Request each one of you help us get the information as below from various parents you're in touch with

Name of the Parent in full
Name of the child in full
Class & Section
Contact Number (Mobile preferred)
Email ID

Profession : Teacher/Lawyer / IT / Telecom / Banker / CA / Business / Real Estate (specify please) etc

This is critical & important for the association to bee intouch with all the members, at all times.

April 15, 2009

DPS Parents Association Secunderabad

An update is that we've filed the registration & we should be getting the reqgistration number in next 3-4days. This would be a major achievement to take our movement forward.

The association will shortly come out with Do's & Don'ts apart from all mandatory formulations.

Please do come in numbers for the meeting on 18th April, 2009 @ 08.00 AM (this saturday).

April 14, 2009

School circular for fees !

All parents have unanimously decided & has informed to the school that the fees will be paid only after the matter is resolved per mutually agreed terms.

Anyways Vice Principal orally did tell the parents gathering that the last date of 15th April, 2009 has been moved to 30th April, 2009.


April 13, 2009

Inching closer for better deal

An update for those of you who couldn't beat the monday "morning blues" is that there was a gathering of about 100 parents to take our protest further. We submitted the letter as attached here & has been accepted by the school. What we heard is the management is now under pressure to act as DPS Hyderabad had a similar protest with over 150 parents @ their school premises.

Parents Association is the requirement of the hour & we're in the process of submitting the required documentation for teh same. Started from saturday we're collecting a nominal contribution of Rs 100 from every parent to cover of expenses towards association related activities. Once the association is formed, we'll have a nominal membership fees to take care of all our future activities.

In teh meanwhile we had trouble in getting correct mobile numbers & email IDs from the members entry on all occations & many parents did complain that SMS & emails are not reaching them. Hence we request all parents to forward their contact information as below to dpssecunderabad@gmail.com
Name of the Parent in full
Name of the child in full
Class & Section
Contact Number (Mobile preferred)
Email ID
Profession : Teacher/Lawyer / IT / Telecom / Banker / CA / Business / Real Estate (specify please) etc This information will help us in future activities & they can lead the group

Its very important for us to get all the information of 1800plus students studying in our school.

April 11, 2009

Management does have their game !

This morning we had a gathering of over 400 parents joining this movement & expressing their emense support. Today we can call this a movement that has overtaken the school management game play of announcing the waiver of activity fee & reduction in transportation fee.

What more are we waiting for?

April 10, 2009

Lets show our support for the movement

Tomorrow we have a "Silent Protest" planned at the DPS Secunderabad School @ 0830hrs to tell the school managemnet that they can't take us for granted & should role back the hiked fees.
This movement is also to tell them that "we as equal partners" in upliftment of the school should be taken into confidence & can't just drive this point of hiking fees every year.
Lets show that we're unitied for a cause & are here to take our rightfull gesture to any level.

April 09, 2009

Today's Update [9th April, 2009]

The day has started with a good note. Today, on invitation from school authorities, few of us met them & had a short but favourable discussions. They told us that they've present our facts to the school management, who inturn agreed to look into this favorably.

- Point to be noted here is we've have a hearing initiated by them.
- A word has been given to us that says they're working on reduction of fee !!!

However most managements take this path of buying time & have been fairly succesfull in creating a strategy of killing the movements/unrest by buying time continuously.

To make ourselves stick to our guns "Role back the hiked fees" we need much more support & aggression now. Support is being poured in from various quarters of society ... still we need 100% support of the parents of children studying in this school. To take our discussions to next level it has been agreed that we the parents of DPS Secunderabad will meet in huge numbers at school premises @ 0830hrs on 11th April, 2009 which falls on this saturday.

Parents who read this, please inform & volunteer yourself to bring all your contacts ... & lets make this a huge success, which is going to help all of us.

April 08, 2009


Few points I wish to bring to our Parents team, which are my personal views & also few collected from across

Lets keep in mind the following points before we jump into any conclusions
1. We’re the parents of children studying in a school of our choice, which in this case is DPS, Secunderabad. We’re proud of our children & the school, by choice or by what ever. LETS RESPECT THIS COME WHAT EVER & LETS NOT GIVE UP OUR PRIDE FOR WHAT EVER REASON.
2. We, as parents of children studying in this school, apart from the rights that we can raise
3. We are now together for only one reason & one reason only ie to question the school management on the rational behind the raise in the fees. After all its we who’re going to pay & have every right to ask that is being asked/demanded without any advanced notice to us - This is injustice by any parley & is unfair practice by the school management.
4. We, as parents of children studying in this school, apart from the voice we raise on our rights, we carry some moral duties alongwith us like
a. Make sure our protests are done with dignity & discipline
b. Make sure we protect our schools image & goodwill where our children are studying
c. What ever good or bad happens, remember one thing that its on us directly (meaning children)

Now onto the points that we need to, for way forward

1. Not sure how many of you know that the cases of fees role back are few, however this will not make us think negative … the movement started will go on strong & stronger day after day.
2. But a word of caution is that the movement has to be in right direction …. A direction that we can think of today is
a. A database of all parents signed as of now needs to be created with additional information as to what their occupation is.
b. Make a minutes of meeting of the meeting we had with the principal today, signed by few parents, submit & get acknowledgement from school.
c. Wait for the day as to when the principal said will get back
d. Next letter will go to the management (if we can bring in DPS Hyderabad parents along with us by then its just GREAT), we need to do this
e. If the response is just goody, goody or not favorable, them we need to go to CBSE (Delhi & Chennai) on the managements attitude & lodge a protest
f. Then by this time a Parents Associations has to be in place (registered & enrolled by not less than 50% of the parents)
g. Time to go legal ….
3. When we talk of protests … lets have focus & have a way forward clearly defined
a. Maybe we can take Gandhigiri as our way forward ?
i. Can we protest by cleaning up the front of school one day ?
ii. Take up a campaign where we do the same in school premises (if at all allowed?)
iii. What more ????????
4. What I understand is Press is today busy with capturing elections related & are very busy to spare any time for this as focus subject … we can only expect on & off support due to pressure from some of us .. & expect no big support at this hour
5. All this will take time & we may be forced to pay the fees, however every parent who are forced to pay will pay & send a protest letter, with a copy to which ever we decide …..

A final word of caution, we’re here to get our children educated in this school & are here to fight for a rightful cause & for up-liftment of our children & also the school. Nothing will happen overnight & in urgency … need patience to happen our goals happen.