April 15, 2009

DPS Parents Association Secunderabad

An update is that we've filed the registration & we should be getting the reqgistration number in next 3-4days. This would be a major achievement to take our movement forward.

The association will shortly come out with Do's & Don'ts apart from all mandatory formulations.

Please do come in numbers for the meeting on 18th April, 2009 @ 08.00 AM (this saturday).


  1. the formation of the parents association is one more positive step in our resolve to first get the hike in fees rolled back. once this is done we can have all other issues which were raised by parents during the last few days can be taken up by the association.

    let us continue to show our support by joining together for the meetings and take up this issue.

  2. The school management has decided to work on saturdays also,and also has planned to not give the winter vacation in view of Telangana agitation ,is it appropriate to strain the students 6 DAYS WEAK tocomplete the syllabus .As an educationist i feel the process of study should go in a scheduled manner but not in rushing way ,keeping in view of forth coming problems