April 13, 2009

Inching closer for better deal

An update for those of you who couldn't beat the monday "morning blues" is that there was a gathering of about 100 parents to take our protest further. We submitted the letter as attached here & has been accepted by the school. What we heard is the management is now under pressure to act as DPS Hyderabad had a similar protest with over 150 parents @ their school premises.

Parents Association is the requirement of the hour & we're in the process of submitting the required documentation for teh same. Started from saturday we're collecting a nominal contribution of Rs 100 from every parent to cover of expenses towards association related activities. Once the association is formed, we'll have a nominal membership fees to take care of all our future activities.

In teh meanwhile we had trouble in getting correct mobile numbers & email IDs from the members entry on all occations & many parents did complain that SMS & emails are not reaching them. Hence we request all parents to forward their contact information as below to dpssecunderabad@gmail.com
Name of the Parent in full
Name of the child in full
Class & Section
Contact Number (Mobile preferred)
Email ID
Profession : Teacher/Lawyer / IT / Telecom / Banker / CA / Business / Real Estate (specify please) etc This information will help us in future activities & they can lead the group

Its very important for us to get all the information of 1800plus students studying in our school.

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