April 18, 2009

A new milestone in our movement reached today!!!

Thanks to all the parents who managed to beat the heat & created the heat on the school management by gathering at school this morning.
For the benefit of all, please find the minutes of meeting signed off by the school today. Now its on each one of us to get our figures crossed & wait for 24th April, 2009 to hear what the school management has to say. One thing is for sure, the more the number of us gathering there, the more will be the pressure on management to role back unjustified fee hike.

Few points from the "CBSE - Affiliation bye laws" are as below
(some one wanting the complete document can email me or leave a comment with your email ID & it'll reach you)
7. Financial Resources
1. The school must have sufficient financial resources to guarantee its continued existence.It should have permanent source of income to meet the running expenses of the school so as to maintain it at a reasonable standard of efficiency, to pay salaries to teachers and other categories of staff regularly at least at par with the corresponding categories in the State Government Schools and to undertake improvement/development of school facilities.In case of institutions which are in the receipt of grant-in-aid from the State Government/U.T. the permanent Source of income shall include the amount of grant-in-aid also
2. No part of income from the institution shall be diverted to any individual in the Trust/Society/School Management Committee or to any other person. The savings, if any,after meeting the recurring and non-recurring expenditure and contributions to developmental, depreciation and contingency funds may be further utilized for promoting the school. The accounts should be audited and certified by a Chartered Accountant and proper accounts statements should be prepared as per rules. A copy each of the Statement of Accounts should be sent to the Board every year.
3. The channelling of funds by the management to person(s) or enterprise other than for furthering education in the school will contravene the rules governing affiliation and call for appropriate action by the Board.

11. Fees
1. Fees charges should be commensurate with the facilities provided by the institution. Fees should normally be charged under the heads prescribed by the Department of Education of the State/U.T. for schools of different categories. No capitation fee or voluntary donations for gaining admission in the school or for any other purpose should be charged / collected in the name of the school. In case of such malpractices, the Board may take drastic action leading to disaffiliation of the school.
2. In case a student leaves the school for such compulsion as transfer of parents or for health reason or in case of death of the student before completion of the session,prorata return of quarterly/term/annual fees should be made.
3. The unaided schools should consult parents through parents’ representatives before revising the fees. The fee should not be revised during the mid session.

19. Role/Aims of Society/Trust
ii) It shall ensure that the school is run as a community service and not as a business and that commercialization does not take place in the school in any shape whatsoever.

20. School Managing Committee, Its Constitution,Power and Functions
The school managing committee should consist of the following :—
(a) the managing committee of a recognised aided school shall consist of not more thanf ifteen members; and the managing committee of a private unaided school shall consist of not more than twenty one members;
(b) subject to the total number of members specified in clause (a), every managing committee shall include the following namely:—
(i) the Head of the school. He will be a Member Secretary of the School Managing Committee;
(ii) two parents of students in the school;
(iii) two teachers of the schools;
(iv) two other persons (of whom one shall be women); who are, or have been,teachers of any other school or of any college, to be nominated by the Trust/Society/Board;(v) two members, from out of a panel recommended by the Trust/Society to be nominated by the Board. If the Panel is not accepted fresh panel may be asked.The names recommended should not below the rank of a Principal of a Sr. Sec.School;
(vi) the remaining members to be nominated or elected as the case may be, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the society or trust by which the school is run.
(vii) Not more than two members may be nominated as per the conditions, if any,laid down in the “No Objection Certificate”.Provided further that the above provisions shall be implemented with immediate effect and those affiliated earlier and not complying with above provisions shall be required to take remedial measures with suitable qualified substitutes within a year positively.
(viii) *No Head Master/Principal shall be appointed in the school who is related to any member of the School Managing Committee.
(ix) For the purpose of this rule, the relation includes the following Brothers, Sisters,Husband, Wife, Son ,Daughter, Son-in-law, Daughter-in-law. Provided further that any violation of rules will lead to the disaffiliation of the school.
And not to forget the same points reiterated by the DoE circular, as in my previous posting below.
Now, parents lets unite & show the world that we're not here to lie down & take what ever are whims & fancies of the management. If they trust us & make us equal partners, we're there of the betterment of the school that's bringing up the future of this world !!!

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