April 11, 2009

Management does have their game !

This morning we had a gathering of over 400 parents joining this movement & expressing their emense support. Today we can call this a movement that has overtaken the school management game play of announcing the waiver of activity fee & reduction in transportation fee.

What more are we waiting for?


  1. There was no activity anyways for the last few years though we were paying the activity fees year after year. The reduction in activity fees is nothing when compared to the hike. in spite of this the management says the hike is only 15% after reducing the activity fee. i am not sure how this maths works out when the increase has been 46% (class VI - class VII). if we reduce this activity fee rs. 3000, even then the increase will be around 36%. while the management has been talking about expectation of the teachers etc, the fact is that many emplyoees have taken a pay cut which is real and not expectation. The management cannot expect to double or treble their profits year after year and especilly when there is pay cuts / freezing pay packets etc.

  2. For pre-primary last academic year-2008-09 we have paid an Activity Fee (1500/=p.a.) which is not justified for by activities @ school. The material (chart, glue,colour pencils, crape paper etc) used for craft activities is already accounted for under stationery-Books (approx. 2300/= for 2008-2009). Then what are we paying this activity fee for?

    There is definite need for more clarity and accountability from the Management's end.

  3. Not sure for which activities school taking additional amount. Last couple of years no sports day or annual function is being organized. I haven't heard of any other activities being organized at school.