April 30, 2009

From the President's desk

Dear Parents,
We know that many of you are worried about the final fee date and what to do and what not to do ?
Rightfully so, you are the architect of your child's future and our best investment in our life span should be our children's education.
Was parents association have no right to ask any of you to play with your child's future.
However we would like to bring your attention to the following points.

1. The management has promised that 5-10% hike may be expected per year in their prospectus, but they never respected their own promise made to parents thru prospectus and increased the fee 15%, 20% and 35% approximately. Now our only question is what is the increase next year ? and next to next year ?

We are very sure that you all can pay the fee now, but are you sure that you can continue to pay the fee every year with 50% or 60 % raise for 10 years ?
If you pay the 35% hiked fee now, it means we are giving a blank cheque to the school, Giving them all the permissions to take us for granted.

2. Don't think that the protest is related with affordability, certainly not. Our protest is a fight between just and unjust acts. By paying the hiked fee, we are promoting unjust acts. If we don't strengthen our association, then there will be no association to take care of our justified needs with school management. So paying fee means supporting unjustified acts, pls. choose between just and unjust acts for today, tomorrow and hence forth.

3. May be one of our relative or close friend was made redundant ( lost job ), having two kids in DPS, lot commitments to fulfil ( Car loan, House loan etc...). Making the end meet itself becomes difficult during this recession period, how can they pay additional 35%+ 35% as fee hike. Don't you help your friend in need and fight for justification? we are very sure that you will.

4. Last but not the least, The original last date was April 15th, now we are hearing April 30, again we are hearing May 7th ......etc.....

Pls. don't get disturbed by this dates, these are the dates to fulfil managements greediness. We also have our own dates, We are all out of station for summer vacation, so we can't pay. Education is fundamental right and they can't ask for fee during summer vacation. Let the Climate cool down, then we will think about it when we reach some amicable solution and assurances from management that they will discuss with PTA before they resort to this type of fee hikes.

" Jo Dar gaya samjho vo margaya " as Gabbar says.

Pls. do what your conscience says, at the end of the day we are answerable to our own self, no one else.

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Jai Ho.

1 comment:

  1. I don't think a full roll-back will be feasible - however, we should focus on the demand that the management sticks to their word of 5 -10% hike very year.

    We should ask to re-introduce the morning breakfast. Please note that while the canteen charges were hiked a year back the breakfast was discontinued. It should be either of the two under normal circumstances.

    Demand should be made to run a/cs in the bus for which we are paying anyway. Transportation charges were promptly pepped when fuel prices sky rocketed but they were never as prompt in rolling back when the fuel cost came down - very common phenomenon, I guess :)

    I feel we have been squeezed enough and should fight fearlessly for the unjust hike...