April 10, 2009

Lets show our support for the movement

Tomorrow we have a "Silent Protest" planned at the DPS Secunderabad School @ 0830hrs to tell the school managemnet that they can't take us for granted & should role back the hiked fees.
This movement is also to tell them that "we as equal partners" in upliftment of the school should be taken into confidence & can't just drive this point of hiking fees every year.
Lets show that we're unitied for a cause & are here to take our rightfull gesture to any level.

1 comment:

  1. hey there,
    this is definitely a good movement. the school management is taking the parents for a ride. While i agree to the fact that we are all trying to give our kids a better future, the one-sided attitude the school management is taking on the hike issue is definitely not ok. atleast, they should have taken the parents' view on such hike and made us part of such decision making would have been appreciable. if some one or all of us put our foot down and question the relevant authorities, they seem to take thisfor granted(fees hike)!! and we should not let this happen!!