April 28, 2009

Protest on 30th April, 2009 @ 08.15 AM

Dear Friends
First lets us all appreciate Mr. Ramakrishna for taking all the pains in getting our association registered. Copy of the registration certificate is available on our blog site (dpssecunderabad.blogspot.com). This is, by no doubts, our 2nd step of SUCCESS. First one being the role back of transportation fee & removal of activity fee.
After 180 odd parents braved the summer heat on 24th April, 2009 the management agreed to give us their decision on or before 30th April, 2009 ie the day after. Nothing is heard from them as of now & it’s the time we put pressure on them. We need to assemble back in large numbers on 30th April, 2009 @ 08.15 AM at the school campus without fail & show them that we’re united till we get our demands settled, no matter what it takes.
Just a recap of our activities, it all started with
- 3 people meeting & trying to mobilize the force against the schools unilateral decisions on 2nd April, 2009
- It transpired into a team of over 40 parents joining together by 6th April, 2009
- Which swelled to over 250 in number by 8th April, 2009(inspite of rain) & mind this is when the real pressure was on the school management
- School management got back to us on 11th April with an offer of rolling back the transportation fee to that of last year & removal of activity fee. We still, with a support of over 400 parents, said we need complete role back of fees
- 13th April we met again & had close to 200 parents spending the Monday morning blues in front of the school awaiting some response from school
- 18th April, we met the school management representative & gave our ultimatum to accept our demands & insisted that we’ll meet management directly. It was a huge pressure created on management to act by over 250 odd parents gathering & supported by media (TV & Paper). DPS Hyderabad has their show of strength at the school campus separately.
- On 21st April school decided to prepone the holidays to the children, instead of planned 24th April, 2009. This was schools managements response to our agitation !!!
- 24th April, 2009 over 180 odd parents gathered & the pressure was back on management to come forward to our demands ?
They bought time till 30th April, 2009 to respond, assuming the entire unity would dilute due to start of summer holidays & am sure we can brave & show up in large numbers again.
Please spread, join & be for the 30th April protest at school by 08.15AM. Mind we now have choice of weapons to use & not our silent protests alone.

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