April 19, 2009

Its changing from a movement to epidemic !

Imagine when 200 plus parents each at DPS Hyderabad & Secunderabad protested in scroching summer heat, what is likely to happen ?

Media attention ?? Rightly said,

Its has been a great day for all of us getting such a huge attention by media at both Hyderabad & Secunderabad campuses. This coupled with the push from Hyderabad Schools Parents Association push to get attention from various angles of society.

For every one's benefit, we had a coverage telecasted by ETV2, iNews, TV1 yesterday on our protest in their bulletins. Today it was turn of the print media with Hindu, Times of India & Eenadu covering up our misery ..... displayed here are the snap shots of their coverage .... lets keep up the tempo & make sure every parents support us in our next activities ...

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