April 22, 2009

Request to Parents | Please join us

While we’ve been pushing the school management very hard to accept our demands for over 2weeks now, it has been a mixed luck for us.
- Major achievement for us has been the waiving of the proposed activity fees & role back of transportation fees to that of last year.
- DPS Parents Association Secunderabad (DPaS) has been formed & the registration process is on & we should get our registration details in next 3-4days.
- Our protest (with added support from similar protest by DPS Hyderabad on 18th April, 2009) has been widely covered by media - Telugu news channels inews, ETV2, Gemini, TV1 on 18th itself & by print media(Hindu, Times of India & Eenadu) the next day has put enough pressure on the school management.
- Result of which : School management was very forward looking & preponed the last working day from 24th April, 2009.
This is like a stick & banana theory which most of us aware of. Now the onus lies on us as to how do we take this further & put more pressure on the school management to accept our nominal demands, by any standards, in view of the present economic conditions prevailing across the globe.
Are alone in this battle?
Now, we have support from various schools in the city, to name few Meridian School, Niraj Public School, Sunflower School, Cals Public School, Glendale, Chirec, DPS Hyderabad etc. The process of forming a larger body called “Hyderabad Schools Parent Association” which will be a mother body of all individual schools association is already getting shaped up.
This is a movement for rightful demands & is being made only to make our commercial minded school managements to think of the future of this country & society. Please do keep in mind that the association will work for over all betterment of school for our children, school management & teachers once the main goal is achieved. We’ll be equal partners in over all betterment of our society through this association.
To make this happen please make sure you spread this word, join & make it a grand success on 24th April, 2009 @ 08.15 AM
Lets all gather in large numbers & make this movement a success…

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  1. Watch Today's DC, our protest had been covered. Great going guys.