April 24, 2009

We braved the summer heat today morning

Today morning we had a protest infront of the school & it was a show of our unity again with over 180 plus parents joining the movement braving the summer heat.

Please find the minutes of meeting for the same.

Just to answer, as to what is behind the proposed logo ???
- DPS our school identity is intact as we all belong to that
- "a" shows that we stand for children studying in the school. Blowing it up over DPS means its a umbrella & stands for parents showing their concern & gratitude to the school where our children belong to.
- Colors just show that its for unity in diversity & means we're multi-dimensional & are aspiring to be the best.

Our association is being formed with a single agenda to be equal partners in the overall development of our school.

Protest for fee role back is by the way & such unilateral decisions will be protested even in future.

Association will work in tandem with school for mutual benefit.

Lets await the school managements decision & discussion before we take next course of action & just to bring to notice of all the parents once again that we have multiple choices to proceed further & we're committed to reach our goals.

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