April 08, 2009


Few points I wish to bring to our Parents team, which are my personal views & also few collected from across

Lets keep in mind the following points before we jump into any conclusions
1. We’re the parents of children studying in a school of our choice, which in this case is DPS, Secunderabad. We’re proud of our children & the school, by choice or by what ever. LETS RESPECT THIS COME WHAT EVER & LETS NOT GIVE UP OUR PRIDE FOR WHAT EVER REASON.
2. We, as parents of children studying in this school, apart from the rights that we can raise
3. We are now together for only one reason & one reason only ie to question the school management on the rational behind the raise in the fees. After all its we who’re going to pay & have every right to ask that is being asked/demanded without any advanced notice to us - This is injustice by any parley & is unfair practice by the school management.
4. We, as parents of children studying in this school, apart from the voice we raise on our rights, we carry some moral duties alongwith us like
a. Make sure our protests are done with dignity & discipline
b. Make sure we protect our schools image & goodwill where our children are studying
c. What ever good or bad happens, remember one thing that its on us directly (meaning children)

Now onto the points that we need to, for way forward

1. Not sure how many of you know that the cases of fees role back are few, however this will not make us think negative … the movement started will go on strong & stronger day after day.
2. But a word of caution is that the movement has to be in right direction …. A direction that we can think of today is
a. A database of all parents signed as of now needs to be created with additional information as to what their occupation is.
b. Make a minutes of meeting of the meeting we had with the principal today, signed by few parents, submit & get acknowledgement from school.
c. Wait for the day as to when the principal said will get back
d. Next letter will go to the management (if we can bring in DPS Hyderabad parents along with us by then its just GREAT), we need to do this
e. If the response is just goody, goody or not favorable, them we need to go to CBSE (Delhi & Chennai) on the managements attitude & lodge a protest
f. Then by this time a Parents Associations has to be in place (registered & enrolled by not less than 50% of the parents)
g. Time to go legal ….
3. When we talk of protests … lets have focus & have a way forward clearly defined
a. Maybe we can take Gandhigiri as our way forward ?
i. Can we protest by cleaning up the front of school one day ?
ii. Take up a campaign where we do the same in school premises (if at all allowed?)
iii. What more ????????
4. What I understand is Press is today busy with capturing elections related & are very busy to spare any time for this as focus subject … we can only expect on & off support due to pressure from some of us .. & expect no big support at this hour
5. All this will take time & we may be forced to pay the fees, however every parent who are forced to pay will pay & send a protest letter, with a copy to which ever we decide …..

A final word of caution, we’re here to get our children educated in this school & are here to fight for a rightful cause & for up-liftment of our children & also the school. Nothing will happen overnight & in urgency … need patience to happen our goals happen.

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