May 24, 2009

Whats happening with DPaS during Summer vacations !!!

Fellow Parents

Just to update you all on what activities is Team DPaS at present engaged with during the lean period of Summer Vacations
  • Awaiting for the next hearing in the High Court.
  • Formulating a special agenda & focus for DPaS future activities including formation of sub-committees for various activities being planned, once school opens up.
  • Working on larger agenda of gathering support for Hyderabad Schools Parents Association (HSPA) across schools in Greater Hyderabad region. Today HSPA has active participation from 14 odd schools & is growing.
  • Working towards gathering of support from various bodies from across.

Let me remind you all once again its not just the fees that's bothering all of us, it all about value for money & societal commitments in the form of school education for the future citizens of our country that's on top of the agenda. Yes, crazy fee hikes is the one that joined us together, lets take this force to show the world what we all together can do.

Spread, join & participate in DPaS activities, once you're back from vacations, rejuvenated off course.