May 03, 2009

From the President's Desk.

Dear Parents,
Some of us are might be getting info about the last date of fee or something related to that thru some means, I urge you all to ignore that. Have faith in yourself and your association, we have crossed the date April 15th, then April 30th, then May 5th, and now I am hearing that May 7th.
Take deep breath and think, Do you really know how much you have to pay ? Did they give anything about you belong to <5km>5km transport ? If you are using school bus, answer is "NO"
Did they give you any new challan with the new fee? Answer is "NO"
Last but not the least, How can they ask you to pay the fee, when most of us are on summer vacation and out of station? They can't insist.
When the answers are NO, why are we really bothered? More than 60% of the parents have not paid the fee, We are very sure that those brave hearts will withstand any storm to make us look stronger day by day and they are parents who will help us in bringing smiles in our lives. We salute you all for not paying the fee.
We are going to have GBM on 7th of May, Place and Venue will be indicated to you all again to update you all about the events that happened.
Just to brief you all, today there was meeting at JVR Park, about 120 Parents from DPS, HYD attended the GBM and unanimously resolved that they will not pay the fee, till the fee is rolled back. We salute them.
We on our part also resolved the same thing, we will not pay the fee, unless and until it is rolled back. Pls. look at the calculation below about what % of raise you can really afford to keep your children in DPS.
Just for your info, we are filing a writ petition as resolved in our GBM dated April 30th. Your association members are working day in day out to make things work for us, pls. make us look good by not paying the fee.

Pls. don't get disturbed by the dates, Together we win.

Jai Ho !!!