May 01, 2009

Clarifications to all


- Our association has been formed with only one goal behind all of us is to make our school the best in the city.
- Today it has formed out of necessity that demands role back of fee, doesn't mean we're dead against the school management or any one else
- We're now a group of over 600 parents & each one of us come with our individual strengths & from different walks of life's, which pooled together can only make OUR SCHOOL THE BEST
- No matter what our personal views are end goal for the team is to make school management take parents & teachers into confidence & achieve the results with mutual trust & faith.
- As mentioned, every individual has their own style of functioning & approach towards the goal & if there are differently viewed friends, it doesn't matter if not today tomorrow they'll follow the best of our contributions.
- No mole, spy, management agents etc words here, after all we're in the same family & this has been re-confirmed by no other than Mr. Umanadh said, when he meet the parents the other day & we're proud of it.
- Some one having personal agenda in unison with our larger agenda are welcome but not one's selfish interests, because we have joined hands, braved every odd & are focused on our goals. Lets not have any individualistic or personal comments & just remember we're all in the family.
- All coments & suggestions are welcome & we standby for working in open trust & faith with all transperency & every information is made public.

Jai Ho !!!

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